Sunday, March 16, 2014

St. Patrick's Day: So long to Pagans (video)

Pat Macpherson and Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly  HAPPY "PAGAN GENOCIDE DAY"!
(Bet You Didn't Know) St. Patrick's Day secrets and its strange history
The Pagans the Patriarch Destroyed
(Lillian Ewing) Documentary: Pagans of Ancient Times in Ireland and the British Isles

Patriarch Patrick, not Irish
Lillian EwingPaganism refers to a group of polytheistic traditions -- primarily those of cultures known to the classical world. In a wider sense it has also been understood to include the non-Abrahamic (as opposed to the Dharmic), folk, or ethnic religions.

The term Pagan was historically used as one of several pejorative Christian counterparts to "gentile" (גוי / נכרי) as used in the JudeoChristian Bible -- comparable to "infidel" or "heretic." Modern ethnologists often avoid this broad usage in favor of more specific and less potentially-offensive terms such as shamanism, polytheism, pantheism, or animism when referring to traditional or historical faiths.
College Paganism: "Blarney Blowout" (UMass)
Since the 20th century "Paganism" or "Neopaganism" has become the identifier for a collection of new movements attempting to continue, revive, or reconstruct historical pre-Abrahamic religion.

There are roughly 300 million Pagans worldwide today (possibly many more who do not yet realize they are yearning for a more authentic Earth-based spirituality torn from us by sexist patriarchs, male-dominated religions, genocidal conquerors and enslavers). More
The Home of the Destroyers

Patriarch, ex-CE) Benedict
(History Channel) What drove the Holy Roman Empire/Church to switch from Mithraism to Catholicism, keeping the same hill in Rome, many of the same symbols and traditions, and just changing worship from the god Mithras to the new pop sensation god Jesus (Saint Issa, tulku and former Buddhist monk, later glorified as if he were Messiah/Maitreya (the teacher-to-come, which means "Friend" or Mitra, from the Sanskrit root maitri, which calls back to Mithraism -- as if all three of the world's great religions were rooted in Buddhism)? 

Religious symbols of the world
We may never know for sure, but the Vatican may have just been pandering to the masses it aimed to conquer, lead, and tyrannize. In some decades as a world capital (the "Holy See") of great wealth and luxury, more Satanism is practiced in the Vatican than Christianity, according to whistleblower Father Malachi Martin.
Yes, we molest. But it's not like it's a secret! It's not like it's just your kids. God wants us to!

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