Monday, March 17, 2014

Pacifica Radio on TV (coming soon)

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Watts was transformed by Asia
Uprising may be coming to a TV near all of us. Today host Sonali Kohlhatkar announced that a cable station wants to carry the show turning a radio program into an audio-visual odyssey. 
The best part is that this would mean the entire Los Angeles branch of Pacifica, second only to the flagship station in Berkeley (KPFA FM), would be televised. And here all this time we were told THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED. Of course, it may not be. A crowd funding campaign is being launched to make it a reality:
Who cares? What's so special about Pacifica?

Buddhist TV?
1. Suffering, 2. Thirsting, 3. Cooling
Zen philosopher/entertainer Alan Watts -- who is still played weekly only in L.A. (in what we call "Buddhist Radio," thanks to Roy of Hollywood Tuckman's Thursday-midnight and Sunday-morning broadcasts) -- called Pacifica "the only truly free radio station" anywhere.
It's radical, it sticks it to The Man, and even though it could be bolder and more forceful, it touches on topics no one in mainstream media dares to touch.

Buddhism has already come to television but has never been quite what it could be -- although we can't find the BuddhistChannel.TV on our sets yet.

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