Tuesday, March 4, 2014

American Peace Activist beaten in Egypt

Ashley Wells, Wisdom QuarterlyMedea Benjamin, Amy Goodman (democracynow.org)
Medea Benjamin (codepink.org)
U.S. peace activist Medea Benjamin (codepink.org), author of Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control, was detained Monday at Cairo’s airport by Egyptian police without explanation.

She says she was questioned, held overnight in an airport prison cell, and then violently handcuffed and brutalized by male Egyptian officials: 
Drone Warfare
They dislocated her shoulder, broke her arm, tore ligaments, and handcuffed her wrists so tightly that they bled. She was then forced on a plane and deported to Turkey, where she is now seeking medical treatment. Amy Goodman speaks to her by telephone from the airport medical facility. Benjamin was on her way to meet with international delegates before traveling on to Gaza for a women’s conference. 

Let's Stop the Next War Now
[(WQ) But the new military regime (US-friendly dictatorship), after the Muslim Brotherhood's Morsi was deposed, is very anti-Palestinian, whereas Benjamin and Code Pink are very pro-Palestinian and critical of Israeli war crimes, US imperialism, and CIA intervention in the geopolitical Middle East. All three conspire to make the captivity in the world's largest open air prison and abuse of Palestinians possible.] More

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