Sunday, December 1, 2013

Nirvana in a Himalayan meditation hut

Kelly, Wisdom Quarterly
On top of the world at peace in the Himalayas (Biswarup sarkar72/
Blue-eyed Buddha, Thikse Gompa
Suddenly by the fireplace, the light dawned. And I understood: Everything that is of a nature to arise is of a nature to pass away!

Regarding ALL phenomena it may be said, "Not having been, they come to be; once having been, they cease."
In the ceasing, because they cease, how could these things be considered a permanent self? How could these things produce permanent satisfaction?
So fully letting go, things were known just as they are -- reality was seen just as it is -- and nirvana was glimpsed. Such a thing is good to see! Then there was no doubt whatsoever.

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