Monday, September 14, 2020

"F the police" says Republican sheriff nominee

Ariel Zilber (Daily Mail, Sept. 13, 2020); Ashley Wells, Pfc. Sandoval (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

I'd do him, her, I mean, if that's what yer askin.
"Transsexual Satanist anarchist" with her "F**k the police" slogan wins Republican nomination for New Hampshire county sheriff after running unopposed.
  • Aria DiMezzo won her GOP bid for sheriff of Cheshire County, New Hampshire.
  • She ran unopposed, though she said that she received no backing from the party.
  • DiMezzo will face incumbent Sheriff Eli Rivera, a four-term Democrat.
  • She says she is an anarchist and a "high priestess" of Reformed Satanic Church.
  • GOP supporters in county wrote in another candidate who ended up losing.
  • DiMezzo won while running on a platform of "F*** the police."
  • She supports decriminalizing drugs, sex work, and illegal immigration.
He's not the only who likes dress up.
A transgender woman who describes herself as a "Satanic anarchist" has won the Republican party nomination for sheriff in a county in New Hampshire after running on a platform of "F**k the police."

"I can’t imagine they’re happy about this," Aria DiMezzo told Inside Sources when asked about the reaction from Republicans.

Vote Republican. Vote for sheriff. Vote DiMezzo.
DiMezzo captured the GOP nomination for Cheshire County sheriff on Tuesday night after she ran unopposed in the party primary.

She won despite the fact that she received no support from the county or state GOP [Grand Old Party, another name for the Republican party]. More

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