Thursday, September 3, 2020

The MOON is acting strangely, isn't it?

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Harvest moon, orange due to greater Rayleigh scattering close to horizon (Roadcrusher/Wiki)
Moon, Venus, Pleiades (Dennis Schoenfelder, CO
I am just an average person and only know basic things about the moon that I have learned in school or have seen on TV....

I work outside and love watching the sky. I also go outside every night and observe. I have been noticing the moon acting very different from what I remember. The moon usually follows a predictable path across the sky above my yard. It is usually located in a couple different areas. I can usually find it pretty quickly because of this.

After watching it for many years, I notice its usual locations. However, for the last year or so I have noticed the moon winding up in different areas and following a different path. It seems out of rhythm or something. It is like there is no rhyme or reason for where it is located every night.

Also, I have noticed the moon is out all day a lot more. I remember being able to see it during the day every once in a while, but now there are periods where it is out all day for many days in a row. I know it’s out all day because I work outside and see it from 7:00 am to the night for many days in a row. I don’t remember it being out all day as often as it has been in the last year or so.

Lunar phases do not predict position in the sky?
Not only does the moon seem closer and more clear to the naked eye, but I feel the shadows on the moon are different. I swear I remember the shadows looking like the side view of a human head when I was younger. I thought that was why they said there was a "man in the moon."

One could see the shadow that looked like a man’s head from the side. One could see the nose and lips. Now, the shadows are different. I don’t see the head anymore, and I only see the bunny ear shadows....

The reason I have felt the need to bring up the moon is because I have not seen the moon in almost two weeks, which is strange. I have never noticed the moon not being visible from my yard for this long.

I know there are nights we don’t see the moon because of where it is in its orbit or it being a new moon, but it’s usually not for this long. The moon could be below the tree line in my yard, which is possible but not normal. I’m not saying the moon vanished, just that it has not been visible from my yard, which is strange.

The moon has been off to me, and I don’t know if I am losing my mind or something is going on. I’m wondering if anyone else is noticing anything strange about the moon. More

Be a space archeologist or astronomer (TED).
(Lobster_conspiracy) Have you actually measured and recorded (written down) your observations? Saying that you remember the moon being like this or like that is not worth anything. Whenever you have the opportunity to view the moon, record the time, the compass-direction of the moon, the estimated angle in the sky, the phase, the size, and anything else you notice. (Much of this can done easily with a GPS/compass equipped camera found in any modern smartphone). This is the basis of the scientific method.

(Fexmeif) The moon is out during the day, all day, for about a quarter of the time, it has always been like that. We have the misconception that the moon shows up at night, but that's only because during the day it's not as visible. (Because of the Sun itself and because it's on the "new moon" phase).

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