Tuesday, September 15, 2020

QAnon exposed, Qmap.pub website shut down

Yelena Dzhanova (Insider, 9/12/20); Pfc. Sandoval, S.Auberon, A.Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
QAnon guy, Wall Street, summer 2019 (Ben Gilbert/Business Insider).
A QAnon website shut down after a fact-checking group exposed the developer behind it
QAnon exposes pedophiles like Ms. Maxwell.
A popular site [Qmap.pub] for the dissemination of QAnon posts and ideas shut down after a fact-checking group identified the site's developer [Q].

Logically.ai, a fact-checking site, identified the "developer and mouthpiece" behind the site as Jason Gelinas [or "Q"], a New Jersey man appearing to work in IT at Citigroup.

QAnon has been gaining traction this year, with several of its supporters making a run for Congress.

A New Jersey man was identified as the developer behind a now-defunct website used to circulate far-right conspiracy theories pushed by QAnon.

The website, Qmap.pub, was abruptly shut down after fact-checking group Logically.ai revealed the man's identity.

The site reached over 10 million visitors in July [2020], Bloomberg News reported, and served as one of the main platforms of communication between QAnon supporters.

By tracing an email address from a since-deleted Facebook post asking for translation services for Q, the unknown head figure behind the fringe group, Logically was able to identify Jason Gelinas as the "developer and mouthpiece" for Qmap.pub. More

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