Sunday, September 13, 2020

Racist police shot in the face (video)

ABC 7 News; Bryan Suits; Pfc. Sandoval, Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Why do LA civilians hate LA police?
Excessive force is now commonplace among Los Angeles Sheriff's Department deputies, as it has long been among the notorious LAPD troops, who act like an occupying force rather than civilian officers. Here five LASD deputies mount and beat frail Asian female reporter from KPCC FM (local NPR)/ Josie Huang. Bryan Suits points out the obvious that our paramilitary police force purposely fails to mention -- that this is a child doing the shooting, so short he has to look up to the passenger window and runs like a London urchin in short pants.

KPCC/LAist News Correspondent Josie Huang, a thin Asian females, taken down by heavily armed LA County Sheriff's Dept. troops, 9/12/20 (ABC7 via Twitter user @TheChalkOutline).
Here are reasons from a cop
Police instead go tactical bringing out military weapons, their CAPO (Crimes Against Police Officers) unit, massive overtime for the force creating a dragnet to fruitlessly search all of Compton, Los Angeles to say they did something in response. Meanwhile, 911 calls for help are not being attended to, and the whole city is led to think a potentially Black gun-man is out on the loose justifying any police shootings for the next few weeks. Officers can simply say, "We thought it might be the shooter and can't take any chances after this 'ambush'!"

More video shows bloody female officer shot in the jaw attend to young male officer's wounds.

Sheriff's gangs like "the Executioners" must want one 28-30 y.o. stooge

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