Friday, September 4, 2020

White NY police kill Black Daniel Prude (video)

Joseph Morris; CTV News, Sept. 3, 2020; Pfc. Sandoval, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Police finally release footage of Daniel Prude's arrest
We can't breathe, just like George Floyd.
Daniel Prude full video: Black Rochester man tortured and suffocated by New York police, body cam footage reveals

(Joseph Morris, Sept. 3, 2020) For full video see

All I did was murder a [n-word]! - Ofc. Chauvin
Demonstrations and protests erupt in Upstate New York over video showing Black man Daniel Prude, 41, being suffocated to death before George Floyd was murdered in a similar manner in March.

Why do many citizens say "F the police"?
Killer cops violently strapped on a "spit hood" that agitated Mr. Prude. So they pressed his face down until he stopped breathing, much the same way racist police murdered Floyd. Morris is not allowed to show the full graphic video on YouTube because of "community guidelines," and to avoid making police look bad. But see the whole thing at his blog. Stay up-to-date with stories like these, and be sure to hit the like button and subscribe.

Mr. Daniel Prude was made brain dead during the incident and later died (March 30) in the hospital, never having recovered. He was eventually taken off life support seven days after his police encounter. Mr. Prude's brother phoned for help on March 23 at 3:00 am, after Daniel left his house in Rochester, New York in the snow, wearing nothing but underwear.

National and international demonstrations after Minn. police murder George Floyd (wiki).
He was behaving erratically, stripping his clothes off as he walked through the streets and -- according to police, who are likely lying to bolster their defense -- smashing windows. Four officers responded. They ordered the mentally deranged Prude to get on the ground, which he did, and they handcuffed him then killed him.

Prude yelled that he had COVID-19, so they put a "spit hood" over his head then laughed while he yelled profanities at them. When he tried to get to his feet, three killers dogpiled on him on the cold and wet pavement.

After three minutes of pinning him down [to ensure he was lifeless?], they noticed bodily fluid flowing out of his mouth. And they also noticed he was unconscious [rather than dead], so they took him to the hospital. But he never woke up and was taken off life support three days later, all of which amounts to HOMICIDE.

Indeed, the medical examiner ruled their actions a homicide, on account of complications caused from asphyxia (suffocation) from police "restraint" (torture), as well as PCP intoxication. The four killers remain on the force, and it's unclear if they are in the field or on cushy desk duty.

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Black man somehow dies at hands of police

(CTV News) GRAPHIC: Peaceful demonstrators are demanding justice in the police killing of Daniel Prude after body cam footage of his arrest is released. #uspoli

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