Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Do Arab men hate women? (video)

Al Jazeera English, Head to Head, 5/16/16; Ashley Wells, Crystal Q. (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Do Arab men hate women?
(AJ English) "Why do they hate us?" With these five words in a controversial magazine article for Foreign Policy, Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahawy shot to fame, unleashing a devastating critique of women’s rights in the Arab world.

In the season premiere of Head to Head, interviewer Mehdi Hasan challenges Eltahawy on her views regarding the status of women in Arab states.

Are Arab or Muslim societies inherently patriarchal an sexist? And how does the narrative of Islam as sexist play into geo-politics and Western stereotypes of the Middle East?

Joining the discussion is Dr. Aitemad Muhanna of the London School of Economics’ Middle East Centre; self-proclaimed progressive Imam Dr. Taj Hargey; and Dr. Shuruq Naguib, a British-Egyptian academic from Lancaster University.

YouTube: aje.io/4a46

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