Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hugo Chavez killed by cancer treatment

Pfc. Sandoval, Pat Machperson, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly
Was Venenzuela's populist South American President Hugo Chavez given cancer by the CIA only to die by toxic treatment? (atlantablackstar.com)
El socialismo ("Socialism!")
How does someone so willing to defy his imperial neighbors fall into the "cancer trap"? Courageous, populist, socialist Venenzuelan Pres. Hugo Chavez succumbed today after a two-year "battle" with cancer. For all the billions at his disposal -- stemming from socialized sales of oil, the profits of which were not distributed to the needy as promised by his radical reform administration -- he bought into the lies about cancer.
In his fear, understandable for an average person, less so for a maverick leader standing up to the United States and allopathic model of mismanaged medicine (pharmaceuticals, surgical excisions, and radiation burns), he ran to Cuba to receive the treatment that killed him. Meanwhile, many cures, many of them from the indigenous people he championed in the Americas, went overlooked. This is the route of billionaires.

Whether it is Bush/Cheney or Obama/Biden, American puppet regimes
What did ignorance/hatred of "alternative" treatments buy Apple, Inc's Steve Jobs? We are not able to pay enough to overcome nature, but going with nature is free and leads to a cancer-free state. Refusal to believe it, to investigate it, to try it leads to the mortuary. Amazonian curanderos (Spanish, "healers") could have offered nature-based plant medicinals. New Age North Americans could have provided breakthrough treatments and brought about a cure. But did Pres. Chavez avail himself of those options? No, his mind was colonized. He believed the lie of American oncology.

What is the tragic truth about cancer (the C-word)? Next to one dies of cancer nowadays. Almost everyone who dies "of cancer" actually is killed, soon dying of aggressive "cancer treatment." The treatment kills, not the alleged disease condition being treated.

Chavez was the bane of Bush and Cheney
Who was Pres. Chavez? During the run-up in gas prices during the Bush II Administration (we are now functionally in the third Bush regime), Chavez poked Bush in the eye by offering nationalized gasoline at the same low as before rather than paying Middle East (OPEC) gas prices. Bush's fraud was unmasked when he refused. (Valenzuela has nationalized petroleum and gas stations in the USA called Valero Gas, whose prices remained low for a while before, their president having been rejected, eventually went to parity).

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Dard Shayari said...

A good guy for his people. A man who stood firm with his principles and directed the nation towards a healthy economy while confront the capitalist nations. Sure he will be deeply missed by his nation.