Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wholesome foods can replace meds (video)

Samantha Rayn Bachman interviews brilliant Don Tolman, the "Indiana Jones" of whole foods and the creative genius behind The Imagination Academy, where Tolman holds that education is the deepening of insight, not the ability to parrot exam answers
When our food is our is ours
Don Tolman's brain is a Garden of Knowledge about health and healing. And his information is ripe for the picking. 
He plants seeds of understanding for seekers to sprout, tend, and reap the fruits of learning's labors. In this way it is possible to enjoy a harvest of life, liberty, and happiness.

But can we learn to embrace Nature's farmaceuticals (integral, non-toxic, whole food medicines) before it's too late?

The purpose of Tolman's Whole in One Organics is to stay true to the "spirit of America" and help people worldwide to live the American dream of self-sufficiency and prosperity. In other words, every being can enjoy mental, emotional, physical, and financial freedom now., March 20, 2013
Don Tolman is a public speaker, trainer, educator, entertainer, experimental nutritional-eating researcher, and author of the bestselling book the Farmacist Desk Reference. He has written multiple books on a variety of skill-specific mental functions and self-improvement topics. He has been a coach and mentor for key personnel with Xerox, General Motors, and Pitney Bowes corporations. 
There are now officially over 10,000 human diseases, whereas 95 years ago there were seven. What if 98% of these could be prevented and even healed by embracing seven basic principles of health?
Anyone suffering will want to listen to this new interview with the farmacist, author of the definitive guide on how to use wholesome natural foods -- Nature's farmaceuticals -- to help heal whatever ails.

Wholesome foods are the prevention and help cure all diseases including AIDs according to the discoverer of the syndrome. The cause of disease is malnutrition, obesity, and the stress and strain of eating processed garbage. Eat closer to the Earth, forks over knives, and clear the bowels.

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