Thursday, March 7, 2013

What happens after we die? (video)

Ajahn Brahm (BuddhistSocietyWA); editors, Wisdom Quarterly
Everybody dies. Not everybody lives.
Enlightened Thai forest tradition teacher, Ajahn Brahm (an elder British Theravada Buddhist monk), talks about what happens just before, during, and after dying, how to approach it, and how to enjoy it.

A good (peaceful, unconfused) death helps ensure an advantageous rebirth, whether here, in the heavens, in the animal, titan, ghostly realms. Rebirth in the hells is unfortunate, disadvantageous, and hard to recover from.

Whatever one's karma -- short of a handful of heinous deeds with immediate post mortem consequences -- its results can be modified for the better. That is, whatever it is we have done, what we do (in thought, speech, or physically) NOW is more important.

Only a stream enterer and better is freed of the worries of an unfortunate rebirth. No matter what they do, they are assured of complete success within seven lives. For the rest of us, intentional-action is always in the present.
Letting Go in Meditation

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