Friday, March 22, 2013

Beyond Belief: Jesus in India (video)

Wisdom Quarterly; Frank Huguenard (; White Minar
Dr. Elaine Pagels discusses the Lost Gospels with Stephen Colbert (Minute 13:30)
The life, death, and tomb of Jesus provide proof that Jesus Christ (St. Issa) was a humble prophet of God, not the exclusive "son" of God, like heavenly beings "born-among-devas" (devaputras). He was crucified as punishment but survived. Crucifixion leads to death by internal "drowning," a fate one is spared from if one is pierced on the side to release liquid as it builds up in the lungs. His friends, family, and/or followers bribed a Roman guard to spare him.
He migrated to Asia with a merchant caravan along the Silk Road to teach the Lost Tribes of Israel in a large outpost along the Silk Road in Kashmir, India (as documented by Holger Kersten). He eventually died like a normal human being, a holy elder of many years (and, we speculate, was almost certainly reborn in a lower heaven such as Brahma's Retinue, a lofty world in space described in Buddhist cosmology).

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