Saturday, March 16, 2013

"Penis Envy" (Anarcho Punk Night)

Wisdom Quarterly;, Anarcho Punk Nite 2013 (Facebook)
Video by MDF, produced and edited by Dave Sirus and MDF

What does the future hold?
On June 7, 1981 English anarcho-punk band CRASS released their influential album "Penis Envy." To mark this anniversary, Los Angeles nightclub The Smell hosted a special night to pay tribute to this masterpiece, as performed by the "All-Star Crass Tribute Ban" (Bill Gray, Jessica Espeleta, Adam Payne, Allen Bleyle), who played every song from the album. The band features vocal performances by: Allison Wolfe (Bratmobile), Jenna Thornhill (Mika Miko), Rachel Carns (The Need), Paloma Parfrey (The Sharp Ease), Ana Oxygen, Kate Hall (Dunes), Nikki Godinez (Peter Pants), Tara Tavi (Auto Da Fe) Mecca Vazie Andrews (MOVEMENT movement), Inez Perez (Blood-Dumper).

On Sunday March 17th, 2013 -- the entire Crass album is performed again in anarcho-collectivist fashion.

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