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Reinterpreting the Bible: Adam and Eve (video)

Wisdom Quarterly; Robot Chicken ( Goldstein (

WARNING: Rated PG-13 for graphic language and pixelated nudity! 

There's a reason God endorsed a knowledge-is-bad policy in the Garden of Eden according to the "The Curious Case of The Box," a 2011 episode of Robot Chicken on Adult Swim. Would Eve, Adam, and the Snake have been better off remaining in the Friends' Zone?
Reinterpreting the Bible and the tale of Adam and Eve (Elhrich Gregor on

This animated reading is a re-interpretation of the Biblical tale of "Adam and Eve" written by Jonathan Goldstein, author of the book I'll Seize The Day Tomorrow and host of the CBC radio show WireTap: Here Goldstein rethinks what actually must have happened and reads a story from his Ladies and Gentleman, the Bible about the first people to ever have to start from scratch, a Sumerian (later converted to Jewish then Christian) couple named Ada[y] and Eve.
PUPPY LOVE (15 mins) - Molly FitzSimons tells the story of her father starting over. After 25 years in the same zip code, as an executive in the same company, he moved to Los Angeles and tried to start over in a new life with a new venture: a cable channel [], with no people, no talking, no plots, but lots and lots of puppies. It's now available on the Web.
  • MAKING MONEY THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY - What's it like to start from scratch every day of your life? Mary Beth Kirchner documents one day in the life of a Jewish hustler in Las Vegas named Joe, who wakes up every morning broke, hustles as much as $10,000 during the day, then loses most of it by the time he goes to bed. (Partially funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's Radio Fund).
  • The Amazing Joe Frank (Ira Glass)
  • I remember sitting in one of NPR's old first-floor studios on M Street in Washington, listening to Joe Frank as he recorded a monologue, feeling all caught up in everything he was saying, wondering what would happen next in the story, transported in a way I'd never felt before listening to the radio. I wondered how he did it. I wanted to do it myself.
  • VIDEO: St. Patrick on "Anti-Pagan Day" (March 17th)

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