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Vatican protesters set off pink smoke bombs

Wisdom Quarterly; Catherine Hornby (
( The smoke billowing into Rome's sky was neither white, nor black, but pink -- to back the argument in favor of women being able to be ordained as Catholic priests. 
A group of Catholic women from Britain, America, and Australia gathered to protest the continued exclusion of women. The smoke they let off from small flares mimicked the puffs that will emerge from the Sistine Chapel chimney indicating whether cardinals have decided on a new CEO for their corporation.

"The Catholic church should be a healthy and vibrant place with equality, with both men and women called to the priesthood. Jesus did not exclude women. Jesus encouraged women and actively sought to include them," said Miriam Duignan, Communications Coordinator of the association Women  Can Be Priests. "So why do the cardinals, who are supposed to represent Jesus, make a point of actively excluding women, of telling them to be quiet? And of criminalizing anybody [who] speaks out in favor of women priests?"

The Women's Ordination Conference has campaigned for female Catholic priests for over 30 years. But there is little sign among the frontrunners for pope that the issue will become a priority.
Pink Protest Smoke over Rome
Catherine Hornby (Reuters, March 12, 2013)
Mass in St. Peter's (Romano Observatore)
Protesters demanding a greater role for women in the [Holy] Roman [Empire's] Catholic Church set off a pink smoke flare on a hill above the Vatican on Tuesday [March 12, 2013] as the men-only conclave that will choose the next pope began.
Mimicking traditional smoke signals from the Sistine Chapel -- white for a new pontiff and black for an inconclusive vote -- the women also wore pink clothes and "Ordain Women" badges.
Some women argue that they already play an important role in the Church, teaching and caring for young Catholics and doing much of its missionary work [like helping the poor], while others say exclusion from senior roles and the ban on women's ordination is out dated.
"The current old boys' club has left our Church reeling from scandal, abuse, [homosexual hypocrisy,] sexism, and oppression," said director of the Women's Ordination Conference, Erin Saiz Hanna, one of a small group assembled on the Janiculum hill overlooking St. Peter's.
"The people of the Church are desperate for a leader who will be open to dialogue and embrace the gifts of women's wisdom in every level of Church governance," she said.

(April Nevin) Freedom of religion in American? Catholic, Christian, or kind of a Buddhist
The Vatican says women cannot be ordained priests because Jesus Christ willingly chose only men as his apostles [with the exception of Mary Magdalene, his special apostle, who was later excised from canonical history]. Advocates of a female priesthood say Jesus was merely conforming to the customs of his times.
Tuesday's protest in Rome followed a pink smoke rally in New Orleans over the weekend, with similar events planned in cities across the United States in coming days.
Last year, [possibly gay and definitely sexist Patriarch] Pope Benedict restated the Church's ban on women priests and said he would not tolerate disobedience by clerics on fundamental teachings. 
Under his leadership, the Vatican cracked down on advocates of female ordination.
But some cardinals attending the conclave this week have spoken out about the need to review the role of women in the Church and the leadership positions open to them.
Argentine Cardinal Leonardo Sandri, 69, told Reuters this month that women must have a much more important role in the life of the Church and be able to contribute in areas which are now only open to men. More
Wisdom Quarterly; Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, Chris Putnam
(Omega Man) Petrus Romanus: "The Final Pope is Here" (Part 1). Antichrist is on his way.
Goodbye, cruel world! (
Meanwhile, the bishop who runs the Vatican's department for religious orders, Brazilian Cardinal Joao Braz de Aviz, a potential compromise candidate for pope whom Wisdom Quarterly predicted would become pontiff failed to secure the position. But strangely it seems that Saint Malaky's prophesy/prediction that the next-to-last-pope would be followed by Petrus Romanus ("Peter the Roman") came true in that the bishop who officially held the position prior to Pope Francis I but after Pope Benedict XVI was a Roman named Peter: The interim period, known as the Sede Vacante (Vacant Holy See), is filled by the chamberlain cardinal Tarcisio [Peter the Roman] Bertone, who oversees all Church affairs until a new pontiff is chosen by the world's oldest corporation.

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