Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Orthodox Jewish Sex (graphic audio)

Wisdom Quarterly; Daniel Estrin, (PRI)

“A Time to Love: The Newlywed’s Guide...
Sex is a touchy subject. Especially in one of the world’s most cloistered societies -- Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. That community places a high value on modesty, which means sex-ED hardly exists, boys and girls rarely make eye contact, and many couples have little idea what to expect on their wedding night. 
But an Orthodox Jewish sex therapist in Jerusalem is trying to break the ice. He’s come out with a book which he says is the first explicit sex guide written strictly for devout Jews. Reporter Daniel Estrin read the book and made an appointment with the therapist for a frank talk about Orthodox Jewish sex.
There used to be a sex shop on the way to Dr. David Ribner’s office in downtown Jerusalem. The sign’s still there -- big red letters spelling out: Sex Shop, Sex, Love.
But you can barely read it because it’s been scratched out. The shop went out of business. No surprise for a city brimming with the pious. More

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