Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The new Saint Francis (Pope)

Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly UPDATED
Don't cry for me, Argentina. I was once first runner up. Now I will be a saint (catholicfire)
Pope Francis I (in pink), Issa on right (msnbc)
San Francisco, Vatican City, and Bueno Aires are all ecstatic. "Habemus papam," it was announced today, which roughly translates from the Latin as: "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss." (In Buddhist terms, Papa mitta).

Il Papa, or "The Daddy," has been selected from the New World, namely, German-saturated Argentina. He is the first pope from the Americas but, sadly, he is not from Brazil, the largest Catholic country in the world.

St. Francis of Assisi spoke with the animals.
He immediately broke with tradition by choosing the name "Francis" (Spanish Francisco, French Francois). However, because he is a Jesuit, it is more likely that he is referencing Francis Xavier rather than the much beloved Mahayana bodhisattva, San Francisco (Saint Francis). At 76 he is rather old and conservative opposing gay marriage and, one presumes, women and vulnerable children in general
We were expecting "Peter the Roman" (Petrus Romanus) in accordance with St. Malaky's prophesy, but that may yet find a way to become evident and for this to be the final pope. may be disappointed that he, the Church's "Holy Father" as Zeus' representative on Earth, was selected. But his selection should not have come as a surprise given that he came in second place in the last (s)election process.
The Vatican, Inc. knows what it's doing... and that is generally not doing the bidding of laypeople, the poor, the children, or the celestial spheres. On the upside, Francis I may be more open to Liberation Theology.

A Church that RAPES together Pays together
Cardinal Roger Michael Mahony arrives to attend a mass at St Peter's basilica on March 12, 2013 at the Vatican.
Child molester protector, Cardinal Mahony
Meanwhile, back in America, Cardinal Roger Mahony is in big trouble with the police. The L.A. Archdiocese has agreed to pay out millions in donations from laypeople to settle four cases of sex abuse.

He could run to Rome but, unlike Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, he could not hide from his crimes. The Cardinal concealed the felonies of fellow priests, such as raping children. Father Michael Baker confessed his crimes to his boss Mahony, who quickly called police? No, he quickly sent him away to prevent him from confessing to a psychologist or counselor, who would have been obligated by law to report it to police.
Baker is accused of molesting 23 (LA Times)
Then Mahony had confessed child molester Baker excommunicated from the Catholic Church for high crimes? No, he then brought him back from hiding, assigned him to a parish, where Fr. Baker continued to rape boys under the auspices and full legal protection of the Church. 

The L.A. Times reports that the settlement stems from what Mahony called "the most troubling case of his tenure." But the payout only settles four cases brought by at least 23 youngsters who allege they were sexually molested by Father Michael Baker, the men's attorney tells the AP.

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