Saturday, March 23, 2013

What is Urban Ecology? (video)

( What is "urban ecology"? It just might be the future of farming and feeding a growing population. One city boy found his way to the country.

Carter, Paul Wheaton, Rishi
The Institute of Urban Ecology (IUE) is a Los Angeles-based center for learning focused on living ecological solutions for the urban environment.  It seeks to create, discover, and illuminate ideas that will convert isolated, disconnected communities into thriving, symbiotic ecosystems of interaction, benefaction, and community action.  Learn more!
IUE offers hands on classes and workshops, work studies, internships, volunteer opportunities, and more for those interested in learning and developing the art of permaculture and "urban ecology."  UPCOMING EVENTS

Rose (left) feeds the masses gorgeous veggies
The IUE had a fantastic extravaganza near the rooftop of Los Angeles. The funniest, smartest, most hated man in permaculture came to share his wisdom with more than 100 visitors to the Institute. 
The day continued into night at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena. But this is only the beginning. A community garden is being built as are many projects in progressive urban farming for urban dwellers.
Just as Buddhism seeks to create a harmonious community (sangha) of practitioners and an enduring Order of intensive-practitioners (Sangha), the gardening movement in Southern California keeps growing stronger -- particularly in the San Gabriel Valley. Pasadena has just launched its Community Gardens project by accepting applications for its first site adjacent to Huntington Hospital planned for the fall. Altadena has the Institute. Far to the ease in Pomona there is The Growing House.

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