Friday, March 1, 2013

Pimps vs. Rappers in Vegas (video)

Pfc. Sandoval, Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly

Las Vegas has gotten so boring. Is that all there is? Wait, this just in. Pimp shoots rapper in Maserati on the strip. Rapper shoots back, peels out into intersection, and smashes into taxicab which blows up killing occupants. Rapper dies of injuries. SUV-driving pimp gets away. Sounds like Sin City is more exciting than before. Wait, this just in. Rapper was only an "aspiring rapper," pimp did not have the force of the Pimp Hand so held a cowardly gun instead. Senseless violence and high strangeness is nothing new in Nevada -- with its nuclear testing ground, underground black-budge military bases, ETs, UFOs, legalized prostitution, and government-approved-gambling defrauding millions of visitors a year in the name of "entertainment."

 (Defrauding? Yes, if gamblers knew their fixed/rigged disadvantage and the other ingenious methods that guarantee the House wins over time while calling it an "even" bet, FRAUD would be the word used). 
Would the Buddha gamble -- with money or the lives of others

"Pimpin is hard work" (
No. Why when he had more direct access to ecstatic brain chemicals through the ecstatic-absorptions (jhanas) possible via meditation? Realizing that pimping is no way to be, shooting is no way to resolve disagreements, and karma is no kind of force to fritter away while chasing fantasies and hedonistic excesses in the desert -- it is a wonder anyone behaves this way in real life.
Las Vegas Strip suspect to be extradited
L.A. Now, Los Angeles Times
A man suspected in a shooting on the Las Vegas Strip that led to three people's deaths is scheduled to appear in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom Monday for an extradition proceeding.
He was arrested Thursday at a Studio City apartment complex, authorities said. Los Angeles police and FBI agents surrounded the apartment complex in the 4100 block of Arch Drive about noon and ordered 26-year-old Ammar Harris to surrender, which he did without incident.

Harris is being held on suspicion of murder and is expected to be extradited back to Nevada.
"This arrest is much more than just taking Ammar Harris," said Las Vegas Sheriff Doug Gillespie, speaking at police headquarters Thursday near the Strip. "The citizens of our community as well as tourists who visit and work in the Las Vegas Valley are entitled to a safe community." More

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