Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Cyclops Baby and other war births (video)

A Decade of (US) Aggression
I. Rony, Pfc. Sandoval, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly; (Iraqi Veterans Against the War);
Minute 31:05 Correspondent Dahr Jamail returns to Iraq ten years later to find horrors of the US War and the staggering effects of US war crimes (

Birth defect numbers higher than Nagasaki
On this festive 10th anniversary of our slightly illegal pre-emptive strike on the sovereign nation of Iraq, formerly known as "Mesopotamia" when England attacked and invaded it to secure its oil wealth, US citizens yawn. We're still in Iraq? Thought Pres. Barry S. Obama pulled out active troops leaving behind "advisers."
The real surprise is that depleted uranium (DU) is, in fact, far more radioactive than stable uranium. The euphemism "depleted" suggests harmlessness. What our Newspeak conceals are the uncounted hundreds of tons of munitions our military-industrial complex has expended on civilians all over Iraq (to justify restocking fees and a mind-boggling tab by legal weapons traffickers for new orders by the US Department of WAR, or what is euphemistically known as "Defense," in spite of our offensive stance).

Never mind that use of weapons like DU and white phosphorous, which are known to cause collateral damage to civilian noncombatants in the area is a war crime running contrary to the Geneva Convention. Who's going to enforce it, the Hague? Ha, the Hague and what army?

Hooray for our side! Take that, Saddam Hussein! Yes, we may have installed you, trained you, directed you, armed you (with, for instance, the chemical weapons of mass destruction you used on the Kurds of Kurdistan, which we called "your own people," when in reality you did not even think of the majority Shi'ite Muslims as your people, as our very own puppet dictator and led you into Kuwait when you told us in advance that you were invading what you had always considered your rightful territory, since it had only been set up by the exiting British to prevent your country's access to shipping out your oil), but yeah, take that!
Let this be a less to dictators everywhere, Sic semper tyrannus ("Thus Always to Tyrants"). And as for the buyers of the official story for our US aggression in Iraq and around the world, Caveat emptor!

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