Friday, March 1, 2013

Do Police investigate Police? (Occupy)

LOS ANGELES - At least six former officers have requested a reopening of their termination cases since the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) started investigating allegations by a former officer [Chris Dorner] who left a trail of violence to avenge his firing.
LAPD Chief Charles Beck (
Police Chief Charlie Beck [who took over after Chief Bratton] reopened the case of Christopher Dorner and ordered a review of the LAPD disciplinary system after Dorner released a "manifesto" accusing the department of unjustly firing him. He also vowed to wage warfare on its officers and their families.
Police Protective League President Tyler Izen said he will ask the chief to review the new requests. He called the decision in Dorner's case unprecedented and said it "has left many of our members in absolute limbo." 

"Because, if the department does investigations and they're satisfied with those investigations, then what do they hope to learn from this review?" Izen asked. "And if they are not satisfied with those investigations, why are they doing them without being satisfied in the first place?"
The department has conducted "biopsies" on cases in the past, but the officers involved were usually unaware of the action, he said. More

Police to be Fired for Gang Membership
Tami Abdollah (AP/Seattle Times)
"Police gang" tattoo (
Seven Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies from an anti-gang unit have been notified that the department intends to fire them for being members of a secret law enforcement clique [criminal gang] that allegedly encouraged unethical [criminal activity under color of law] conduct.
LOS ANGELES - ...Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said Wednesday the deputies were sent the letters this week after an internal investigation of their activities as members of a group called the Jump Out Boys. The deputies were members of the Sheriff's Gang Enforcement Team. Law enforcement officials say the concern was that the group, with its matching tattoos and a creed seemingly promoting shootings... More

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