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PHOTOS: GIANTS (asuras) Are Real

Steve Quayle (genesis6giants.com); Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly
Giant titan (asura), Datong, Yungang grottoes (Great-wall-hikers/flickr.com)
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Giants [or in Buddhist terms, asuras, "titans"]? Read this book with an open mind. And by "open" is meant suspend notions (and -- as will be proven in this book -- the propaganda) of what we have been taught in school, by news magazines, and by the majority of other outlets for the “facts” of science and history.
Steve Quayle interview, Part II
In doing this, discover that we have become like the sleepers in the movie "Matrix." We have been living a life in a dream world, where things are not as they seem. We are living in a place that has the truth hidden, substituted by a series of carefully crafted stories to keep us permanently blinded. The truth only has a chance to briefly surface from time to time.
This book is a chance to see the truth, to learn what is going on behind the scenes and the many telling facts that have been carefully hidden from our view. If we read it with an open mind, we will be taking the first step toward seeing what is really going on. We will see the monsters behind the scenes who are attempting to keep the truth from being revealed about them, as well as the ancient past and the ways it affects the future. 
Why must we keep an open mind as we read this? 

Quayle is an unabashed Christian who filters information through that popular paradigm, which puts most people off. Looking past the interpretation to the historical account pays off.
US cowboy (genesis6giants.com)
It is because, like most of those reading this book, we have been hoodwinked by the education establishment, which by intent or by accident, has become the prime purveyor of the lies that make up the “party line” that keeps the truth hidden. 
This mis-education has been so deeply ingrained in almost every educated human being that views and canned responses are like thick sunglasses that prevent us from seeing in a dimly lit room. 
Only by removing those glasses can one see what’s real and in the process find the truth. Because of this conditioning and training fed to us through the education system supplemented by the entertainment industry and news media, do those hiding the truth have a very powerful tool: denial.
And often it is not employed directly: Like mice trained using electric shocks, we jump to attention and deny the truth when it is presented to us. Years of conditioning with the "electric shocks" of scorn and derision have taught us to stay in line. We not only do the work of hiding the truth, we help hide the truth, too. Because of our conditioning, we humiliate those who would bring us the truth. More

Should one believe?
Do not take even the Buddha’s word on blind faith (Kalama Sutra). Why believe Stephen Quayle's extraordinary claims? By his own admission, the story of giants actually existing on Earth is a hard pill to swallow, especially after the propaganda we have been fed from the popular media or most history and science textbook “facts.” Do not believe. Instead, review the data with an open mind. 

What data? There are many lines of evidence -- textual, archeological, lore, artifacts, sightings, photographs, newspaper accounts, and more. Quayle provides ample evidence that challenges the official "scientific" story. There are a mind-boggling number of exclamation points to replace the question marks we have when approaching the consensual reality of convention.
By investigation, one arrives at truth. Giants are only one starting point. There are answers to history’s puzzles to uproot the denial and fabrications we have been fed since we were children. They will continue to be heard -- but we will be able to recognize them for what they are. 

Topics this book covers: The Days of Noah-Giants in [Judeo-Christian] Scripture-Book of Enoch – new translation-Book of Enoch-Epic of Gilgamesh-Ancient & Lost Civilizations-Gilgamesh Tomb Found!-Gog-Floods Stories from Around the World-The Book of Giants-Ancient Egyptian Treasures in Grand Canyon-The Karankawa-Lost City of the Grand Canyon.

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