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KARMA: 10th Anniversary of US War on Iraq

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, CC Liu, Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly
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What continues to be ignored is that the US is directly responsible for unimaginable carnage and suffering, first directly and now with lingering contamination of the country. 

As citizens of the Empire, are we complicit with our military-industrial complex for our silence, cheer leading, paying federal taxes (largely used to support war and service debt that enriches banks that engineer more wars, arms trades, and propaganda campaigns) or sending our children to kill others?
George Bush, Sr.
The death of more than 1,000,000 civilians, most of them Iraqi children, began with Pres. Bush I (George, Sr.) launched "sanctions," illegally blockading food and medicine to the people and causing internal strife of an unimaginable scale. Intrusions and secret operations and overt campaigns followed, setting up the Carlyle Group to ensure his Dynasty's riches, which actually began their participation with his Nazi (literally) forbear, Prescott Bush.
G.W. Bush, Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney (BBC)
Pres. Bush II (W.) intensified efforts, broke more international laws, and created more war criminals within a single administration (Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, and many others) than has been seen since the US wars on peaceful Buddhist countries of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos -- following our nuclear atrocities in Japan and the invasions we yet hope to wage on Iran and eventually China. He and many holdovers from former administrations followed in step with targeted bombing of water purification systems and civilian water supplies, deploying an underhanded biological weapon of sorts by spreading cholera and other waterborne illnesses through the population.

Pres. Bush III (Obama) not only inherited multiple wars that he promised to end, he enhanced and expanded them for the glory of empire -- and the enrichment of massive corporations like Blackwater, KBR, and other Cheney and Rumsfeld related projects. The Carlyle Group continues to grow rich. The Bush Dynasty could not have asked for a better foundling, Pygmalion-style. The munitions factories have more work than ever and, not coincidentally, more people are being killed in our name.
Are we complicit by our silence or bandwagon-patriotism or willful ignorance?

A "royal" bloodline of biological relatives symbolically rules America for the MIC
Another Day, Another Battle
Marines from the 3rd Battalion 3rd Marine Regiment patrolling through the town of Haqlaniyah in Al Anbar Province, 2006
The US War on Iraq in Anbar Province was a counter-"insurgency" (a self-protective act by locals resisting military occupation by an invading foreign army) campaign in the US's Iraq War.
It was waged by US aggressors in the Al Anbar Governorate in western Iraq from 2003 to 2011. It was fought primarily between the United States Marine Corps and Iraqi federalis against alleged "insurgents" (invasion resisters) led by a make believe enemy the CIA and other clandestine Western agencies call Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) to prop up an "enemy" for US forces to fight thereby prolonging a privately profitable (and devastatingly debt-producing) war for oil and strategic dominance in the geopolitical Middle East.
Almost 9,000 Iraqis and 1,335 Americans were killed during the war in Anbar, mostly between April 2004 and September 2007. Savage fighting occurred in the province in 2004, including the First and Second Battles of Fallujah. Though the fighting initially featured heavy urban warfare, in later years agents of the US military-industrial complex focused on arming and exploiting ambushes of American and Iraqi "security" forces with improvised explosive devices.
US soldiers and others committed multiple human rights violations in Fallujah and Haditha. In August 2006, several tribes located near Ramadi and led by sheikh formed the Anbar Awakening and revolted against AQI. US and Iraqi tribal forces working for the US regained control of Anbar Province in 2007 and turned it over to the US occupied government in 2008. American fighters changed their titles to "advisers" in this and other Iraqi provinces on Dec. 7th, 2011. (Full article)

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