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Women in the Vatican's shadow (video)

Pat Macpherson, Ashley Wells, Wisdom QuarterlyAgence France Presse, GlobalPost.com
(ABC News)
Feminists take stand against empire and patriarchy in Russia. Sadly, last laugh will be on former-USSR because prophecy insists it must be converted before end of Rome (FEMEN.org)
(AFP) As Roman Catholic cardinals prepare a secret conclave in the Vatican to choose a new pope, the only woman seen taking part in the preparations has been the seamstress sewing the ceremonial tablecloths.

The most important decision in the life of the Church is being taken with one half of the Catholic community either looking on or playing an auxiliary role as the male hierarchy deliberates.
  • [Only baptized Catholic males are eligible to win the papal lottery and be selected pope (CEO), priest, cardinal, bishop, or anything but papal cheerleader. So only men can act as the vanguard to stop the child molesting, homosexual cavorting, money laundering, official corrupting, and history concealing. But maybe a little change from without is what's needed. It's women to the rescue with the help of the Virg Yin (Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, Prajna Paramita), the bodhisattva of compassion.
Virgin Guadalupe
"Not hearing the opinions of half of the world is like a slap in the face," said [American "Father"] Janice Sevre-Duszynska, who was excommunicated by the Vatican after her unofficial ordination as a female priest.
Speaking to AFP on the eve of International Women's Day on Friday [March 8, 2013], the American said the idea that only men should decide on the next pope who will rule over both men and women was "a mockery."
Sevre-Duszynska was quickly detained by police for demonstrating at the Vatican in her ceremonial robes, with police saying they wanted to check that she had the "right to wear those vestments."
Pope Benedict enduring/enjoying gay kiss (RT)
Benedict XVI cracked down on liberal, "feminist" nuns, but the hope among campaigners now is that the next pope could open the way to dialogue on the role of women in the Church -- and possibly even tackle the hot-button issue of women priests.
Vatican observers say that of the 115 cardinal electors who [are most likely to] become pope, none are likely to overturn centuries of ingrained gender bias in the Church, which insists women cannot be priests because Jesus Christ's apostles were all men [except for that Mary Magdalene, but she doesn't count because she's only revered by Gnostic Christians and Dan Brown fans. "Turn Back, Woman" (Buddhism-Gnosticism)].
Neither can they be popes: [although] according to legend, a female pope was elected in the Middle Ages, but was caught out when she gave birth.
Once exposed, "Pope Joan" was apparently bound by her feet to a horse tail by outraged cardinals and dragged to death through the streets of Rome.
  • [A holy act, to be sure, sanctioned by the Prince of Peace and the all-merciful celestial heads of the Holy Roman Empire and its spiritual outreach arm. Interestingly, these were the very cardinals who prayed and selected le Mama Joan. And it was she who lead to the homosexual groping in the bottomless chair that became part of the official pope selection process.]
Campaigners say modern-day scandals -- from clerical [homosexual rape and child] sex abuse to accusations of fraud at the Vatican bank [the IOR, which launders drug money, allegedly]... More

Antichrist (Signorelli/wiki)
(Red Ice Creations) Tom Horn on the next pope, "Peter the Roman," the final corporate CEO of the Vatican, Inc. as described by St. Malachy whose catastrophic apostasy will bring about much harm -- particularly to the USA, which is majority-Catholic. The prophecy has already been fulfilled with the temporary fill-in pope, Peter "the Roman" Bertone. Lightning strikes Vatican after Pope resigns, what with having the "power to call down fire from heaven" (HAARP?) Are there UFOs and ETs in heaven/space? Today the Vatican says no; we are God's unique creation. Tomorrow, it will be a heresy to deny their existence; to do so limits God's creation.

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