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Science: PLANTS can sing! (video)

Xochitl, Amber Larson, Dhr. Seven, Ashley Wells, Dev, Wisdom Quarterly; Coast to Coast with Richard Syrett and Prof. Magda Havas, Robert's Plant Band with Robert W. Connolly
Buddhism is a "forest tradition" born in the woods, cultivated and brought to fruition with the help of trees, plants, and peace and solitude of wild spaces (Alex Saberi/flickr).
(Robert's Plant Band, Dec. 13, 2014) Robert's Plant Band conducted by Robert W. Connolly

Musical Plants
The best musician is the elder Bonsai tree.
Magda Havas, Professor of Environmental and Resource Studies at Trent University, talked about her research into plants' ability to respond to their external environment and how electromagnetic pollution (from cellphones, towers, microwaves, routers, TVs, Blue Tooth, etc.) impacts them, human beings, and all living things.

Rock ruins plants, whereas classical helps.
Prof. Havas describes an experiment in which a galvanic skin response meter (lie detector/E Meter) is used to measure how various electronic devices cause physiological stress in plants and people. Plants hooked up in a similar way reacted to environmental stimuli with changes in conductivity as well, she explained.

Plants are conscious, sentient beings. This means the whole jungle/forest is alive and aware, even in the politically treacherous city office jungle  (greenplants.co.uk).
Plants are alive, aware, and aiding us.
A MIDI interface designed to convert this change in electrical conductivity into sound allowed the plants to produce music, Prof. Havas shows. "We had these plants hooked up in my lab...and suddenly they would start playing," she said, noting how it felt like they were conscious (aware), sentient (feeling) beings. Prof. Havas has audio and video of Robert's Plant Band (with Robert W. Connolly not the Led Zeppelin/"Manic Nirvana" crooner) conducted with a quartz crystal singing bowl.

I told them every Plant could sing.
Can plants sense the presence of humans? Can they react and demonstrate that they are conscious? Do plants have feelings? Can we prove with science what the mystics have been telling us for ages? 

Robert W. Connolly conducts Robert's Plant Band using a quartz crystal singing bowl because of quartz's ability to amplify subtle energy. Even common house plants are able to sing. They were grown using water electro-magnetized by Tesla coils, water which caused the plants to grow healthier and more quickly.
Our favorite Native American garden (Pitzer)
Polygraph lie detectors were customized to convert the electrical impulses created by these plants into notes using a MIDI device. Such notes can then be assigned to trigger different musical instruments. All of the music heard on this video at the outdoor pool were created by plants.

When a crystal singing bowl is made to resonate by Robert Connolly, the plants respond to his bio-electromagnetic fields. These fields have been amplified by the piezo-electromagnetic effects of the quartz crystal.
The jungle is alive with communication.
This process is documented in The Healing Field, a feature film about healing with sound, light and electromagnetic fields.

See the plants perform live with other musical performers at TeslaMania concerts (teslamania.tv), where Nicola Tesla's visions are materialized.

(Peter Mark Adams) The Healing Field by Peter Mark Adams a brief interview with the author of The Healing Field: Energy, Consciousness & Transformation.

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