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Cryptozoology: Sasquatch in Canada

Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon, Wisdom QuarterlyTim Lasiuta (
Sasquatch, Native Americans and others tell us, are humans (
Chris Munch ("Letters From the Big Man"), in search of truth, visits Ontario, Canada, to interact and confirm existence of the Sasquatch people, which comes with high strangeness.
"Snow Walker" authentic Abominable Snowman/Yeti footage as a creature is seen going over snow-covered mountains between valleys where it resides in the Himalayas.

John Green, 87, searches.
John Green is one of the pioneer Sasquatch researchers worldwide. He claims, “While I have not seen a Sasquatch myself, I have investigated hundreds of sightings. I have seen the Patterson-Gimlin film, and I believe that they are real.”
The Sasquatch scientific [study] community is not a large group, but two Canadian researchers stand tall in their midst.
Thomas Steenburg and John Green are among the elite of researchers with a large body of work, both published and Internet-based.
Preserved Yeti hand, Pangboche (FFAC)
“I’ve been involved in Sasquatch research since 1957,” said the retired 87-year-old Green who lives in Harrison Hot Springs, B.C. and is regarded as a cryptozoology authority.

“In fact, I started hunting Sasquatch when the village of Harrison Hot Springs decided to hunt for the Sasquatch. I did a story on it, and it started what has turned into a lifelong quest. My wife and I went down to Bluff Creek, California [a hotspot where the famous Patterson-Gimlin footage was shot] in 1958 and began making plaster casts of prints found near a logging road.”
Yeti scalp, Tibetan-Nepalese shrine (wiki)
He said efforts were later made to discredit the footprints claiming them to be man-made and faked, a notion that has followed nearly every footprint discovery since then.
“While I have not seen a Sasquatch myself, I have investigated hundreds of sightings. I have seen the Patterson-Gimlin film, and I believe that they are real,” said Green during a telephone interview. “After all, why would anyone want to fake anything like that?”

(History Channel) "Monster Quest" Jeff Meldrum and others search Central China for the "Wild Man," a hominid Yeti, bear, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, primate (Gigantopithecus), or human hybrid.
Mountain Man, Leshan (John Willis)
The octogenarian author noted he was in the area of California where the famed film was taken a few weeks prior, and was taken to a site where nearly 500 footprints were found by a contractor, made by possibly three individual Bigfoot walking along a road. By the time he arrived, all he could find was a handful, but he took casts of them.
“The issue of whether or not Sasquatch is real depends on a couple of issues, those being how did it come across to North America, and how can we link it to any physical evidence.”
The researcher believes the creature to be an entirely different species than humanoids, and an advanced primate, adding that DNA evidence may already be in our possession, but we don’t recognize it. There have been discoveries of a huge Asian ape made that might possibly be our Sasquatch dating back only 10,000 years ago.
“Scientists seem to automatically tag a bipedal discovery as ‘human,’ where they may really be part of the Sasquatch story,” said Green. “We also have to wonder why we have not found any recent skeletons, but due to the likely small number and habitats it would have to be a miracle to find one.”

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He added that it is virtually impossible for someone to fake footprints worldwide for so long without some evidence of their efforts. The work to create the mystery would not be worth the effort.
"In this field things are upside down and backwards," said Green. "The people who investigate are called 'believers' and the people who believe there can't be any such thing and therefore don't investigate are called 'scientists.' Researchers fall in the middle, and [they] say show me the evidence.”
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