Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How science made me immune to "hot" girls

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Immunity and clear skin! (
THE STORY: After centuries of deceit, innocent men finally have a defense against the guile of seductive “she-devils.
Not only can the solution potentially end the “evil” regime of the attractive female -- it also clears acne and breakouts.
This “miracle” elixir is the pharmaceutical Minocycline, an antibiotic commonly found in acne medication. 
According to a study published in Scientific Reports, a group of Japanese researchers found that Minocycline can “facilitate sober decision-making in healthy human subjects.” 

"Freaks and Geeks"
“Human” meaning male, and “sober meaning unimpeded by a woman’s conniving. The male subjects were told to play a “trust game” where they could either keep their 1,300 yen compensation or take a gamble by sharing it with a woman (after seeing her photo).
This choice would triple the money, but the woman could decide how it would be split between them. Little did the men know that every woman was told to keep all the money for herself -- making every woman a “honey trap.”
The group given placebos tended to trust the “attractive” females more than the “unattractive” ones, while those who’d taken the Minocycline were equally mistrusting of all the women.
Acne-riddled nerd "makes it rain" on strippers (
Science: Acne medication makes one less susceptible to being seduced by hot females
REACTION: Is this why guys recovering from a treatable acne condition nevertheless do not get [relations] as often as they would like? No.
But it does have implications for those times when it is necessary for a male to keep his wits about him and not give in to carnal temptation.
It may not be something one needs everyday, but when one is on retreat, or signed up as a temporary monastic, perhaps visiting strip clubs and not wanting to lose ones and fives (such as at a friend’s bachelor party) it would be nice to have a reliable means of resisting temptation and regret until restraint builds to reliable levels.

Protection against one's own wandering mind and (following) eye, which again and again is drawn to leer at breasts and backsides, is a powerful step forward in one's practice.

Guarding the mind/heart as well as the wallet against what draws them astray is sometimes vital and always helpful. The bar graph above illustrates the potential losses and savings. Many male when faced with temptation -- a 9 or 10, the offer of a lap dance, push up bras, thongs, struts, strips, poles, and a come hither motions -- sound financial decisions will now be easier to make.
Thanks to Japanese scientists for finally getting to the bottom of something that actually matters. They have succeeded in potentially saving us thousands of dollars over a lifetime at clubs, bars, and Nevada brothels. Slap on some Proactiv like Jessica Simpson recommends, and judgment will remain sound.

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