Monday, December 22, 2014

Graphic Sexual Content (video)

Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon, Seven, Charlie, Wisdom Quarterly; Yo-Landi Visser, Ninja, DJ Hi-Tek
WARNING: Sexual themes, profanity, finger mudra, casual drug use, dangerous vehicle stunts, violence, pervy dad, Christian family! Not appropriate for anyone under 21. "Baby's on Fire."

Bad idea, daddy, in a trailer park of all places.
Given that we covered tantric sex with Gwyneth Paltrow sans Chris Martin, and drugs with CIA drug peddlers, providers, and prison torture pushers, we should complete the trifecta by tossing rock 'n roll into the mix.

It's what Americans in the USA, as distinct from the rest of America, which is a continent, really want. Marketers in the 1960s convinced us of that, and it's now a truism. But what rock music tells it like it really is nowadays, showing sex as it creeps up in a perverse Judeo-Christian idiom and setting?

WARNING: The following expose is true even if imperfectly presented. Disney is no friend.

Join now before it's too late (1984)
We have to go to a formerly isolated part of Africa where a minority of whites made themselves an Anglo-European paradise -- overtly racist, discriminatory, unfair, and ultimately unviable. Now as the economics set in, everyone is reduced to all-trash status in poor to lower middle class hell, like the ghetto-projects in "Ill Manors" revealed by Plan B.

I ain't joining that, Paris, no freekin way!
Why stick with British rap when new Afrikaans rap-rave is supplanting ordinary rave and techno? (It's not easy keeping up with trends, but real mavericks like Die Antwoord, which means "The Answer" in Afrikaans, are shocking and "a national embarrassment in South Africa" precisely because they are doing something no one's ever done, even exceeding our own Lady Gaga on the Interesting Meter, like the cocky and cheeky Beatles back in the day when they claimed to be more popular than the superstar-deity, or Elvis' hips, the Rolling Stones, or any rockstar appearing on Ed Sullivan).

WARNING: Dangerous stunts! Do not try them at home.

The goal of religion should not be to shame us about sex or make us such Puritan prudes that we are unable to discuss or laugh about it. Maybe the "spiritual" thing is to acknowledge, accept, deal with, and deflate its mythic proportions. Sex happens, sex is real, sex gets on the brain. And it may even be that sex is okay (whereas sexual misconduct is not).

Where is hell? "Hell" is where the home is when the heart is not. (Matt Groening)
The "Evil Thing" is a 7-headed hydra of rap singing sellouts from the USA (Die Antwoord).
Die Antwoord is Ninja and Yo-Landi Visser.
LYRICS: BABY'S ON FIRE: Boom, boom, boom, showtime, motherf-r, it's on, Apocalypse Now, I'm droppin' this bomb, You can't f- with this song, I'll stick to this spliff, I'm not klapping this bong, I'm a wild child, I don't wanna go to bed, Oh, sh-t, sorry man, I'm stoned again.

Ooh, now everything's getting so psychedelic, When I'm doos dronk then I forget all my fokken lyrics, Like um, uh, who gives a f? Don't worry 'bout it, just blow a kiss to me, I like danger, romance, and mystery. I'm a lucky ducky, get mad sh-t for free, I rock more bling than Mr. T, I make it look easy 'cause it is to me, My daddy says it's lekker fokken spif to see a South African cherrie makin' history, 

Baby's on fire, She's got me going fokken crazy soos a man naaier O jirre God se Jesus, Baby's on fire, Hi-Tek, drop that four to the floor, I get real paid, what you think I do this for? My bodyguard help me get to the bar, Neill Blomkamps makin' me a movie star, A lot of bad boys wanna piece of me, If you're a lucky, boy, I'll let you sneak a peek, My Zef styles motherf-n' freaky-deek,

I don't got beef 'cause I don't eat no meat, I'm on some other sh-t, yo, I know I speak unique F- your whole sh-t up when I freak the beat, I love it when Kimmy talks sweet to me, C'mon, c'mon, Kimmy, Kimmy, speak to me, I take a trip down memory lane, Like yo, f- fifteen seconds of fame, I'm a young blood comin' up fresh in the game, Yo-Landi Vi$$er, motherf-r, you all remember the name, 

Baby's on fire, She's got me going fokken crazy soos a man naaier O jirre God se Jesus, Baby's on fire,  Aaah, freak out! No need to get so deep, Nothin' quite like a motherf-n' techno beat, A techno beat - a techno beat, A techno - a techno - a techno beat, Just say what's up, don't try to get so deep, You know me, maar ek ken jou nie Ek ken jou nie - ek ken jou nie Ek ken jou - ek ken jou - ek ken jou nie, Baby's on fire, She's got me going fokken crazy soos a man naaier O jirre God se Jesus, Baby's on fire, Flame on, motherf-rs.

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