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Will CUBA become the 52nd united state?

Pfc. Sandoval, Pat Macpherson, Ashley Wells, Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; DemocracyNow!
Is Fidel Castro turning in his grave or grimacing in his sickbed? (
View from space: Castro's Cuba, lower right under the Florida "panhandle," the longest running regime in the world, exceeding even Thailand's current monarchy (

What is the USA, the U.S. part of America (which is a continent far larger to the north and south than this cobbled together British colony we call home.

After displacing and/or killing ("ethnically cleansing") 100 million Native Americans, the invading Europeans from England, Spain, France, Germany, and other budding empires divvied up the spoils.

It all began with one landing party, grew into 13 feuding colonies (invasive encampments overstaying their welcome) as they extracted raw products back to a hungry, capitalist Europe, which was busy invading northern Africa and anywhere else the imperial armies and particularly the navies could extend their tentacles.

That 13, by guile and force, was built up to 48. But before then the foreign invasions abroad (off the mainland) had already begun -- eventually engulfing and occupying Mexico, Philippines, Kingdom of Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, Midway Island, other contested land masses Japan claimed out in the Pacific Ocean, the hotbed known as Haiti, the Caribbean, Samoa, the Virgin Islands, Marshall Islands and the nuclear detonated Bikini Atoll, Vanuatu, and any other land masses of potential military interest (like the many hundreds of atolls and outcroppings that are part of Hawaii but off limits to American citizens).

Did Castro beat the U.S. on Cuba?
( Dec. 18, 2014 All about Cuba and the new U.S. position.

"Cut Loose the Shackles of the Past": U.S. and Cuba Announce a New Dawn in Diplomatic Relations
Pres. Obama and Cuban Pres. Raúl Castro announced last Wednesday that the United States will restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba for the first time in more than half a century. The historic deal will include the opening of a U.S. embassy in Havana and comes with a prisoner exchange. Live from Cuba, DN! goes to Havana for reaction from Peter Kornbluh, Director of the Cuba Documentation Project at the National Security Archive at George Washington Univ. "Finally after 55 years, an element of sanity and effectiveness and modernization has arrived to the insane U.S. policy that U.S. presidents have been pursuing towards Cuba or all these years," Kornbluh says. He is the co-author of the book, Back Channel to Cuba: The Hidden History of Negotiations between Washington and Havana.

Does the Release of the Cuban Five Prove the U.S. Failed to Destroy Cuba After Decades of Trying?
As a new chapter in U.S.-Cuban relations begins, DN! hosts a roundtable discussion about the prisoners released as part of the new deal. Cuba freed USAID contractor Alan Gross and a former Cuban intelligence officer who who worked secretly for the CIA and the United States released the remaining members of the Cuban Five...

Can Obama Lift the Embargo on Cuba Without Congress in Effort to Normalize U.S.-Cuba Relations?
DN! looks at the details of the new normalized relations between the United States and Cuba, which include an easing of restrictions on banking, investment, and travel for U.S. citizens...

Taking Alaska, which is not a contiguous state but divided by Canada, and bordering Russia/Siberia and Bering Straits, and distant Hawai'i, brought the official toll to 50 when it really already included many protectorates and territories, undermined places with puppet leaders.

A flag for another state in the Union in faraway Africa where the dollar rules: Liberia.
There are many islands near the USA.
The least famous of these has got to be Liberia (the 51st state), Africa, which the USA intended to use as an "Israel" for its former slaves of African origin and their progeny, if they didn't mind being shipped back where they were abducted/stolen from, treated like property, abused, killed wholesale, raped and bred, then converted from chattel slave status to wage slaves and "burdens of the state," channeled straight into the "prison pipeline" through the Southern Strategy to become profitable for private interests while bleeding public coffers.

I got them on the ropes; you finish them off?
Now it's Cuba's turn at a mere 90 miles offshore. It's a natural, a former Russian Communist satellite, now a revolutionary socialist independent state suffering 50 years of U.S. sanctions and attempted CIA assassinations and internal manipulations. The Bay of Pigs fiasco comes to mind. But if there were really no dealings between the mainland and the big island of Cuba, how did the current government in Washington, DC get their secret prison and torture facility in Guantanamo Bay?

Cuba as ashes fallen off a burned pan handle east of Key West, Florida.

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