Sunday, May 20, 2018

Do animals help each other? (video)

Happiness Kingdom, 4/2/17; Crystal Quintero, Dhr. Seven, CC Liu, Sheldon S., Wisdom Quarterly
Is this mongoose bumming a ride on this bird, or is something more sinister aloft? Whatever's happening, it has to be a great day for the mongoose flying. This is famous footage, and what happens is not what it seems. But for one moment, a bird became a plane, a mammal sprouted wings, and no one would believe it without video to prove it.

Animals Help and Harm Other Animals
Animals, while not human, can be very humane and heroic. Animals sometimes help save one another. They have saved humans. How did they know? Our faith in animals, which we tend to know as children, can be restored. Humans to be human must be humane. 
  • (Euthanasia is murder in the guise of "humane" treatment with horrendous karmic results. Our own distress at seeing an animal or human suffer causes us to kill and pat ourselves on the back as "humane" when it is murder with the karmic results of killing, running counter to the first precept).
Animals feel, they love, they form attachments, they care for one another, help one another, and they matter. Would a swan feed a fish? Would a cat save a fish? Would a dog? Would a bear save a baby? Would a bear save a crow from drowning? Would a dog swim out to save a baby bird? Would a bird save a bird or a tortoise a tortoise? Do elephants bother to say goodbye to the dead? Do dogs suffer broken hearts or desperately try to "wake up" their dead friend? Would cat try to resuscitate an injured cat? Yes.

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