Wednesday, May 23, 2018

That b*tch called me a "b*tch"! (video)

Cardi B; "Bhadd Baby" Danielle Bregoli; Kendrick Lamar, Delaney; Kanye West, JohnExArmy, Charlamagne; Bela, Crystal Quintero, Seth Auberon (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly\
WARNING: Profanity, gratuitous use of the word "b*tch," the term "ratchet," and F-word!
WARNING: Don't sing along in public! Unless you're qualified by pervasive social norms.

Rapper Kendrick Lamar became the first non-classical, non-jazz musician to ever win a Pulitzer Prize for Music. Lamar has topped the charts with music that tackles issues of race, politics, religion, and even mental health. The Pulitzer follows the five Grammy Awards won by Lamar in January for DAMN., his fourth studio album. His previous album, To Pimp a Butterfly, also won five Grammys. Lamar recently produced and curated the soundtrack for the Black Panther film to critical acclaim. He will not, however, tolerate white people singing the word "[blank]" when singing along to his songs even when he calls them up to sing with him. Word. More + VIDEO

We disagree with Kendrick and the audience, but it's not our choice. And we don't want it to be our choice. Let Lamar, other rappers, and the oppressed communities referred to be the ones to decide how they are referred to, even when re-appropriating or taking the sting out of a defamatory and highly offensive term with strong racial and socioeconomic terms. Can we all, eventually, just get along? Not now, but in the future? Reparations are needed, but the whole discussion is a non-starter.
WARNING: Vulgar, profanity, N-word, sexual references, gratuitous, ratchet! Oprah Winfrey's favorite album contained "Bodak Yellow," Winfrey claims. Don't sing along!
(The Supremekati) The Original "Catch Me Outside How 'Bout Dat?" #CashMeOutside

(Jonathan Miller) Make a deal with Baphomet? Even if you don't believe, they do. And they won't let you "make it" in Hollywood without a sealed deal where they control you.

Is Kanye West waking up from MK Ultra?
Is it possible for Kanye to be woke? Hes' a Kardashian. If Kanye has escaped the sunken place then the elite rulers of Hollywood will quickly attempt to silence him. Kanye West full interview.

Exposing these "royal" weddings
Royal wedding is a joke (German reptilian hybrids laughing)
Offensive troll Alex Jones [Could he have anything true and useful to say?] breaks down the House of Windsor. What are their last names? Harry who? Princess Di what? Charles? We never hear it. Bi-racial black American Meghan Markle is now "Her Royal Majesty Duchess of Sussex." How cool is that? But she has lost much and may be getting set up to become an Illuminati "sacrifice" like beloved American Princess Di(e). I'm retiring soon [because I've been outed and am no longer a useful apparatchik to the CIA and/or right wing extremists?]

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