Monday, May 28, 2018

Let's do science instead of debating: Flat?

World History Official; Seth Auberon, Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly

Zetetic Astronomy: Earth NOT a Globe
Let's read from Samuel Birley Rowbotham’s book Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globe.
  • Zetetic means "investigating, inquiring," proceeding by actual observations (experiments) rather than assumptions, as distinct from the sort of "science" we preach on earth, which is theoretic. We pretend to practice the former, but settle for the latter mocking others who disagree.
This old text advocates science over speculation. Let us proceed by empirical experiment to build a picture of truth or reality. Any theory of a globular (oblate spheroid) or flat (contoured) earth needs evidence. But no one is allowed to question the data, the "proof"? No one runs experiments? We're just expected to accept what the government says? We only hear from on high what NASA dictates and shows CGI evidence for? And when someone up there awakens to the fact that some lies are being, they'd better keep quiet or be fired. Whistleblowers will not be tolerated.

It could be different. Working together, remaining open, and gathering tangible data, we could quickly figure out this world, but this debate is not allowed. The question of the shape of the earth is not allowed by "scientists" themselves.

Buddhist mandala: map of the universe.
Someone somewhere is going through a lot of trouble to keep us in the dark and fearful of questioning the powers that be. "Oh no, we'll be ridiculed! We'll be called pointy heads for believing anything here is flat -- even what we can see with our own unassisted eyes."

Stop the video periodically to read the amazing series of memes gathered. It may not be possible at first sight to appreciate their import, but as one learns more about this serious subject, they are startlingly clear. It really is a joke how we have been lied to.

Is the earth flat? Probably not. Is the earth a globe (oblate spheroid) spinning around at 1,000 MPH with water clinging to it everywhere flat an undistorted? Certainly not. So what shape is it? What is this world? Let's investigate instead of believing lies or thinking we know it all already so that there's no need to question.
As for this terrible presenter who can neither speak the language nor speak at all, s/he explains: "i can't speak, i had speech disorder. so, i am sorry to use robot voice on the video. many people complain about this. but now, i had buy a better speech software with good voice. i also put the text on the video, so you can read them if you not comfortable with this voice. so, here we go!"

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