Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Real History: Hypatia of Alexandria (video)

Quill & Ink History, 2/2/18; Ashley Wells, Crystal Quintero (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly

Hypatia of Alexandria: The (REAL) history of antiquity's greatest female mathematician and philosopher
Familiar with the history herstory of Hypatia of Alexandria? Many believe she was a young and beautiful woman, a martyr for science and that her murder at the hands of a mob of Christian monks signaled the beginning of the Dark Ages.
Black Hypatia (rejectedprincesses.com)
  • The "Dark" Ages: When Moors ruled Europe?
Her real history is far from the fictions in popular culture. In this video we discover how:
  • Hypatia's philosophical beliefs about the world and herself related to her work in mathematics and astronomy.
  • her death came about and the events leading up it.
  • her life has been used throughout history for ideological purposes
  • Hypatia of Alexandria (Maria Dzielska, 1995)
  • Hypatia, the Life and Legend of an Ancient Philosopher (Edward J. Watts, 2017)
  • Ecclesiastical History (Socrates Scholasticus)
  • The Life of Isidore (Damascius)
  • The Beginnings of Western Science (David C. Lindberg, 2007)
  • Galileo Goes to Jail and Other Myths about Science and Religion (Ronald Numbers, 2009)
  • Hypatia of Alexandria: Mathematician and Martyr (Michael Deakin, 2007)
Footage taken from History Buffs: Agora. Alexandria: The Greatest City (2010). Cosmos (Episode 13, 1980). Music taken from Kevin Macleod.

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