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The true (spiritual-scientific) value of GOLD

Mike Donkers, NewsTarget, 2/24/08; Pat Macpherson, Dhr. Seven (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly
The historical Buddha's skin had a golden sheen when he emerged from meditation.
Spiritual and medicinal gold with incredible healing potential
Ormus, also known as ORMEs, m-state elements, white powder gold, or the Philosopher's Stone, was discovered in 1975 by an Arizona farmer named David Hudson.

He discovered some material in his soil that he had never seen before. He laid it out to dry in the hot Arizona sun so he could have it analyzed. What happened next was absolutely remarkable: The stuff exploded in a big flash of light and disappeared! But when he dried it without the use of sunlight it didn't disappear.

Hudson was a very successful farmer and businessman, so he could afford to have an expensive assay of the material done by a professor at New York's Cornell University. The stuff turned out to contain gold, silver, iron, and aluminum, among other things.

However, the gold and silver did not dissolve in fluid, as is usually the case. The iron and aluminum also did not dissolve in various acids and in their isolated form, they formed a strange black matter.

One by one the elements were isolated. Until the standard tests revealed that there should be nothing left. But there was something left -- a lot of it, in fact. The scientist told Hudson there was nothing, although after removal of the individual elements a staggering 98% of the material was still left.

Hudson had spent a lot of money on the various analyses and left the university completely disappointed with academic science.

David Icke met "Her" on DMT/ayahuasca.
Dissatisfied but determined, Hudson sought out a German expert who, together with him, was willing to analyze the stuff further and build special machinery to do so. The assays showed that it contained various precious elements such as platinum and variants thereof such as rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, and osmium.

The tests also showed that this material reacted differently to various heat and cold treatments. The time period to which they exposed the stuff to hot or cold temperatures also produced different results.

The turning point was at 70 seconds heat treatment. When Hudson stopped the process at 69 seconds the powder contained no precious elements, yet at 70+ seconds it did.

Hudson then went to a specialist at the University of Iowa. They conducted several experiments and once again produced the most amazing results.

The material expressions of the stuff magically changed depending on the degree of warming or cooling they subjected it to. Among these forms were a white powder and also glass.

Elements such as iron spontaneously disappeared or morphed into other elements. The material also changed weight, particularly when exposed to air.

Hudson was advised to patent these elements to prevent others from using his findings to keep him from experimenting further. In March of 1988 Hudson patented these elements. He called them Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements (ORMEs).

Kalapas (atom particles) are strange
This substance has become known as Ormus and stands for what are 12 known elements, which exist both in a [fine] material and an immaterial [arupa] or purely energetic form.

Hudson found this out by getting in touch with one of the American pioneers of quantum physics, Hal Puthoff. Puthoff explained to him the strange phenomena associated with Ormus.

Ormus elements are capable of losing their material form (disappearing) under the influence of warmth and sunlight, making them no longer subject to the laws of gravity and even capable of dissolving into sunlight.

This is what Hudson had himself witnessed when he first dried the material in the hot sun. The Ormus had literally become one with the light and transferred to another dimension in which there is no space-time.
By cooling it down, he learned to bring the stuff back to the exact place where he had set it to dry, back to the material world of space-time in which we live.

Ormus is a superconductor. These elements resonate with the primal energy, the zero-point from which all life originates and which is a quantum potential of possibilities.
I knew there was something in this thing.
Ormus is one with this endless source of energy, which can be found in the air, soil, plants, stones, and sea. Hudson even showed by dissecting animal brains that they, too, contained Ormus. According to Hudson our brains contain at least 5% Ormus.

This percentage can be raised considerably if we take in food and water with a high Ormus content.

It is exactly these foods that are so sadly lacking today. Hudson refers to Ormus as "the light of life" and "the Spirit" [prana]. He claims it not only makes us more spiritual but that it's capable of correcting DNA, too.

Now think of the experiments the alchemists carried out in which they tried to change metals into gold and made a white powder out of gold, the long sought after Philosopher's Stone.

The Church persecuted, tortured, and killed these people. What did they discover that we're not supposed to know? The ancient Egyptians also knew.

Gold has always been the true money and remains so to this day. But the true value of gold may well be medicinal and spiritual instead of material or financial.

There are, unfortunately, dark and powerful forces at work which are trying to keep us from realizing our true potential, our true evolution to a higher consciousness. CONTINUED IN PART II 

MIKE DONKERS is an English teacher from the Netherlands who started taking care of his own health in October 2006 because doctors could not help him. His interest in the food and health connection has him led to in-depth research, particularly on the role sea minerals play in the regeneration of cells. He is in the band The Mellotones (nubluz.com).

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