Wednesday, May 23, 2018

US kids now live at home until age 34 (video)

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Judge orders him to move out of parents' house
You're growing up old, Junior. - C'mon, mom.
Some news that will shock no woman: A 30-year-old man has been ordered to move out of his parents' home after they sue him.

Michael Rotondo's parents claim he would not leave their home, despite the fact that they began giving him notices in February 2018.

They also offered $1,100 to help him find his own place, which Rotondo took, but continued living in their home. According to ABC 7, he does not contribute to the family's expenses or chores.

Rotondo claimed he wasn't given enough time to leave and called the judge's decision to evict him "outrageous." The judge also asked adult protective services to look into the case.

Michael Rotondo first moved back into his parents' house eight years ago and claims he runs a website business, but did not give more details. He is said to have returned to his parents' home to get some things before finding a place to stay. More

SoCal housing prices hit new high today

Median price in LA County $585,000 in March, higher in OC (Divanov/Shutterstock).
I can always marry a sugar daddy, right?
The cost of buying has been at an all-time high for a three-month period. It’s been a tough spring for Los Angeles homebuyers.

With fewer than usual houses on the market to choose from, prices bested an all-time record in April, according to a new report from real estate tracker CoreLogic.

That makes three months in a row in which the region’s price record has been broken, and homes are now selling for well above prices seen in the buildup to the 2007 mortgage crisis. In April 2018, the median price hit $590,000... More
Science: When is it time to move out?
You want me to move out? But I haven't found a wife-husband to support me yet.
A couple in upstate NY sued their own son, who still lives at home, to have him evicted — and they won. A judge has ruled the 30-year-old unemployed man must leave and stop tormenting his parents. Michael Rotondo, who has been living with his parents, Christina and Mark Rotondo, shows no signs of leaving, say court filings (BravoTV).

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