Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Milk is BAD for you (video)

Abby Martin (Breaking the Set/RT); Ashley Wells, Seth Auberon, Dhr. Seven, Wisdom Quarterly

Milk Does Your Body Bad: Brainwash Update
Host Abby Martin takes a look at milk, its association with radioactive contamination, and facts pointing at how animal milk consumption is unnatural for humans, particularly adults, and certainly doesn't do our body good.  It, in fact, promotes bone LOSS called osteoporosis due to its acidic nature, which the body much leach from its bones to neutralize.

Would you bend over and suck a cow's bacteria smeared teats in the field to get milk? Gross! That's beastiality. But that's what one would have to do to get milk from a mammal outside of its own species in the wild.
So much for its calcium content, it actually ends up with us losing more calcium and other minerals trying to digest it than are contained in it. It makes one fat since its existence in the world is to fatten a baby calve into a cow or bull of tremendous weight in a very short time. It causes cancer. It makes us full of mucous. It harms the thyroid.
And because cows -- which are all female (as most bulls are killed for not producing milk and being undocile) and shot through with hormones, animal-grade drugs that are illegal for direct human consumption, and biowaste products from their painful treatment -- milk ends up being full of pus. Look in the bottle. The product is artificially "homogenized" and "pasteurized" to prevent unsightly separation and curdling. The first tears up the fats in milk, and the second cooks out the enzymes and potentially-beneficial probiotics.

Learn about the Cowspiracy (
It contains casein, a kind of hard to digest protein. It contains lactose, which most adult humans cannot tolerate. So they suffer symptoms -- rashes, bad breath, indigestion, gas, indigestion, discomfort, acne, fatigue, lethargy, and so on. They also suffer from the consumption of second hand pesticides concentrated in the grain, cement, and cannibalized cows these natural vegetarian animals are fed to make them grow in size. Cows in nature would eat grasses, sprouts, and other livings foods, not stale and contaminated haw, straw, GMO soy, wheat, corn, sorghum, trash, and other industrial commodities. The wrong diet along with all of the added artificial antibiotics, growth hormones, and pharmaceuticals they are given go right into consumers of dairy and meat.

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