Friday, May 18, 2018

Shadows, djinn: "Supernatural Assault" (film),; Seth Auberon, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly

Paranormal expert and researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley and documentary filmmaker Paul Taitt (Supernatural Assault) discuss terrifying bedroom visits by "shadow people" and their connection to the supernatural race of beings known as the djinn (evil genies). They explain what can be done to guard against them as well as psychic attacks in general. More + AUDIO
Are supernatural djinn reclaiming Earth?
With reports of nightly visitations and assaults by shadow people on the rise, who, or what could be behind these strange and sometimes terrifying supernatural encounters?

There are researchers and scholars today who believe that a faction of the supernatural race known as the Djinn are responsible. It is also believed that this evil faction is motivated by revenge and that they are seeking to restore their dominance over the Earth.

History of the djinn
The Arabic word jinn, Romanized as djinn, comes from the verb janna, which means "to hide or conceal." The djinn are intelligent spirits with a sordid history of uprising, banishment, and demonic behavior.

Djinn stories emerged in early Arab culture later adopted into Islamic theology. Also known as genies, the djinn are a lower rank of angels that can appear in humanoid, shadow, and animal forms. They can also possess humans.

Djinn were without original physical form. They were spiritual beings made from a scorching, smokeless fire that in today's terms would probably be described as a type of plasma. It is said that djinn are masterful shapeshifters, with the ability to choose any form they like. In Islamic belief, djinn are often associated with the forms of human-shaped shadows, snakes, or dogs. More

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