Monday, May 28, 2018

We nearly forgot Memorial Day (video)

LearnEngl; Shaun; Pfc. Sandoval, Pat Macpherson, Dhr. Seven, C. Quintero, Wisdom Quarterly

We're gonna kick Shaun's as.
Summer begins (unofficially)! June 22 is the real summer (as marked by the summer solstice, the alleged longest day of the year though later it's hotter and days seem longer). Memorial Day is time to eat Tofu Pups, grilled veggies on the barbie (Q), Beyond Meat/Impossible Burgers, potatoes of all sorts, and refreshing kombucha and tea. What must the world think of us? Let's take an American anthropology class as taught by Shaun from Scotland and have a look in the mirror.

Shaun, look how we celebrate
(Gospel Girl) One Bull, no BS. Happy Memorial Day y'all! :) "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition so we can kill more of them there Foreigners on our imperial lands." You, too, can be a Protestant Christian Republican living in the Midwest. It's your patriotic duty to fit in.

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