Saturday, May 26, 2018

Ireland votes in landslide to lift abortion ban

Joshua Everett, Henry Holloway (, May 26, 2018); Wisdom Quarterly
A two-to-one margin has so far backed the liberalizing change in Friday's referendum, with the vast majority of constituencies returned.
Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said the consensus included men and women and nearly all social classes and age groups.
The question on the ballot asked citizens to opt to either retain or repeal the Eighth Amendment of the state's constitution, which prohibits terminations [abortions] unless a mother's life is in danger.
Pollsters suggested the stories of women forced to travel to the UK for terminations or take illegal pills obtained on the Internet helped sway public opinion.
It was also fueled by the death of an Indian dentist denied the procedure while she miscarried. More
Wisdom Quarterly
Let our position at Wisdom Quarterly be perfectly clear. We are for choice. We are for female empowerment. We oppose abortion. You are the actor (of your karma), and you will face the mental-resultants and fruit of those actions. It's a pity for newborns trying to enter the human plane, but it's a big plane and there will be other opportunities. And ignorance of what sort of karma was being committed will hardly suffice as an excuse to stave off the results. Life begins at conception. Use contraception, and lots of it. Have sex and, if you wish, lots of it. But don't come crying that no one ever said that abortion was a kind of "termination" of life, which is called by most philosophies, ethics panels, and religions a kind of "killing." Hooray for choice! Hooray for women! Boo for the Catholic and Protestant churches. Take a stand not to kill by not getting in the predicament in the first place when it can be avoided. When it can't be avoided and you do not wish to deal with a new life, it's on you. Our societies -- Western, Irish, American -- screw us, some of us very much more than others. We don't say this to be popular. We say it to try to be on the correct side of Truth (not history). Lots more is coming down the Pike. We oppose euthanasia, a misguided form of killing. [To kill requires a moment of aversion or dosa, which is the intention that conditions the action and makes it an intentional-action or karma. The karmic results, and there will be not just one but many, will be unwelcome, unwished for, hard to bear, unpleasant... That is why we oppose it. Don't have kids. You don't need to have kids. But once conception happens, what next? Killing that we don't dare call "killing"?] Why do people kill? There are only three reasons anyone takes a life, and when one or more of these are the roots of an action, one can bet it is bad karma: greed (desire, craving, clinging), hatred (aversion, fear, anger), or delusion (wrong view, ignorance, confusion).

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