Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Fluoride is poison? (video)

Abby Martin (breakingtheset); Melissa Melton; Seth Auberon, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly

(RT) Fluoride is Poison: Brainwash Update Abby Martin takes a look at 50 years of toxic fluoridation in America, outlining the adverse health effects and breaking the MYTH that it helps prevent tooth decay. What does it do? Breaking the Set, twitter.com.

Fluoride is Poison
I wrote a letter to the editor to end water fluoridation in my city. Check it out, and borrow it for your city: truthstreammedia.com.

We are being forcibly medicated with fluoride in municipal tap water across the US, even though fluoride is a DRUG, a chemical waste product of aluminum production contaminated with lead and arsenic.* It is the main ingredient in rat poison and many pesticides. There are thousands of studies* that show the harmful effects of fluoridated water on our bodies.

If one swallows fluoride toothpaste, THE LABEL urges you to call the Poison Control Center immediately. But we are urged to drink eight glasses of fluoridated water? Before that fluoride is dumped into the water system, it is regarded as an extreme biohazard and toxic industrial waste product. As soon as it hits the water we will drink, that designation ends. Where is the logic? It's just as toxic.

It is absolutely unnecessary to drink. (Other forms of it sometimes exist in water, and too much of it corrodes teeth). The bottom line: fluoridating tap water has nothing to do with teeth. Since when does something we are forced to drink (because when it gets in the tap water, it gets in everything -- canned foods, showers, vegetables, fruits... 

Hitler and NAZIs had a good reason for fluoridating water in concentration camps. There was no concern for Jewish, homosexual, Gypsy and other undesirables' dental health. They added fluoride to pacify the prisoners and keep them docile -- just like Prozac (a fluoride product) does. Now we're drinking it?
People in cities all over the U.S. have petitioned their representatives to get fluoride out of their water. Many have won the battle. Here are a few scientific studies on the harmful impacts of fluoride:

*Scientific studies

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