Friday, May 18, 2018

Oh, that stupid royal wedding! Congrats, Meg

I. Rony, editors, Wisdom Quarterly; Natalie Ktena (, May 18, 2018)
"Put your Harry in to make your Markle sparkle" - Crown Jewels brand condoms.
Royal wedding merch: Harry and Meghan condoms, anyone?
Some people will love the sex products -- for others they'll be the definition of "wrong" (so wrong)
My redheaded boy is finally growing up.
Royal weddings often bring out the more eccentric side of the British character. This can manifest in many ways, including:
(a) Developing a sudden desire to have a street bash with neighbours you've never spoken to before (other than to say "Ello, luv" when you find yourself putting the rubbish bins out on the curb at the same time)
(b) Watching two strangers tie the knot on the tele and having me mates over to "celebrate" by watching British reruns:

The Benny Hill Show
WARNING: Sexy depictions of traditional gender roles once popular on U.S. television!

(c) Thinking it's probably OK to drink ale for breakfast as long as it's out of a commemorative mug.
Meghan, we can call him West
While Will's and Kate’s wedding back in 2011 spawned a personalised pizza pie and some souvenir batts (AA), Harry and Meghan Markle memorabilia is scaling new heights of silliness.

In fact, this time around, it seems there’s more weird and wonderful wedding paraphernalia than ever before.

It does of course include the much-derided, unwittingly risqué Harry and Meghan one-piece bikinis [and "Crown Jewels" bran condoms].

(Eve Libertine's UK punk band Crass) "Our Wedding" from Penis Envy

But it doesn't end there, in fact... More

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