Monday, May 28, 2018

USA: we are a country of WAR (video)

War glorification, there's nothing like it. Kill and kill again, do it "self defense," and say there's nothing wrong with what I'm doing. I kill in fear, in hate, in craving (for what others have) and, of course, in ignorance of how life works, full of wrong views about things.

Most INSANE Bullets in the World
Check out the most insane bullets in the world! This Top 10 list of the scariest and deadliest ammunition creates some of the most dangerous military weapons ever. But don't worry, police have them, too.
  • 11: Dragon’s Breath Rounds Dragon’s breath rounds consist of mostly magnesium pellets and shards. These are considered some of the most exotic shotgun rounds ever. It is not considered a tactical load and is really just for "fun." It can be quite dangerous. Fire danger, causes severe burns and blindness.
  • 10. Hollow Point bullets have a hollow in the point that causes it to expand as it hits a body, causing massive damage to tissue. They are outlawed for use in warfare, and in many countries and states in the U.S., but these illegal rounds are used by some law enforcement personnel and ordinary gun owners claiming self-defense.
  • 9. Railgun Projectiles are fired by a US Navy [and US Space Command, which is run by the Navy] electromagnetic railgun. It is a pulse super weapon. This futuristic projectile is safer to store (stockpile) than explosive ammunition and much cheaper. The railgun can fire a hardened projectile that blasts anything it hits like a meteorite from outer space.
  • 8: The .577 Tyrannosaur is like T-Rex: It was one of the deadliest carnivores. T-Rex had teeth the size of bananas and could swallow 500 pounds of flesh in a bite. This bullet does that.
  • 7. Nuclear Bullets are tipped with fissile material. After the collapse of the USSR, the media started reporting on the presence of a mysterious weapon developed since the 1960s. According the original article which was published in Russian, Soviet physicists were producing nuclear bullet fillers out of an element called Californium. (Those savages! The US would never do anything like that...unless using uranium in ammo counts).
  • 6: Depleted Uranium Silver Bullets were developed by the US. They are not depleted. They are radioactive. While Soviet nuclear bullets read like science fiction, depleted uranium bullets (DUs), are pure fact. These rounds ignite on impact and penetrate through thick hardened steel, making them the ultimate tank killers. We have caused more cases of leukemia in people using them, but shhhh, don't tell anyone! We don't want to have to pay reparations or be taken to the International Court of Justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

  • 5: Flash Thunder Grenade Ammo is not your typical shotgun round. A shot produces a blinding flash with an extremely powerful blast of 182 decibels. A few more decibels (195 dB) and human eardrums rupture. Jet planes taking off produce only 165 dB.
  • 4: Macho Gaucho Rounds mimic the appearance of the bolas (“balls”), a device made by linking two heavy balls with a string of one or two feet. Gauchos (South American cowboys) have used this contraption for hundreds of years to hunt game and capture cattle since it entangles an animal’s legs causing it to trip.
  • 3: Jihawg Ammo is labeled the most controversial round in the universe. It is the subject of much criticism and ridicule, even in the gun-owning community. Its creators, believed to be some racist Idaho gun owners, were sitting around a campfire enjoying their alcohol when they came up with this Islamophobic and xenophobic idea. Many pigs died in the making.
  • 2: Punt Gun Shells are used in the largest shotgun ever, used avidly by wildfowl hunters in the 19th and 20th centuries. It's more a cannon than a shotgun. A typical punt gun averaged 8'4" (eight feet four inches) in length, weighed 43 kg, and had a bore diameter of 2 inches (51 mm).
  • 1: G-2 Research R.I.P. Bullet or the shredder tops this list of insane bullets. It is a Radically Invasive Projectile, nicknamed the “Rest In Peace” [Pieces] bullet. Many consider it the world’s deadliest bullet, and the manufacturer markets it as “the last round you’ll ever need.”
Is karma real?
Before you start shooting, ask this question: Is karma real? The Buddha gave an example in answer to this question. If we say there is no result of killing (no karmic consequences to ever be faced as a result of the action of depriving living beings of life) then one would saying that, If a person were to ride atop a larger roller of blades slicing many people into pieces as a mass murderer, there would be nothing to come of it?

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