Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"The Buddha at War" (book)

Many Buddhist masters believe the present era of worldwide upheaval -- from 9/11 and the US War on Iraq, to the tsunami disaster and global warming -- is a new Dark Age (Kali Yuga) that requires powerful strategies for coping.

This book offers hope by bringing together Tibetan Buddhist teachings and contemporary politics. Presenting traditional Buddhist philosophy in a practical, accessible way, the book helps readers cultivate the inner resources necessary to meet challenge and conflict -- both in themselves and in the world.

Author Robert Sachs lays out a series of steps necessary to achieve this, including:
  • taking personal responsibility for the future,
  • understanding that there is no need to despair, and
  • becoming "conscious, engaged activists" with a firm spiritual foundation to inform political actions.
Sachs's book is a galvanizing reminder, providing a strikingly Buddhist argument that actions can count, both to foster personal change and improve the world. Goodreads.com

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