Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Super speed cameras may one day see particles

The smallest unit of material in Buddhist physics is the kalapa. These particles of perception are so far visible only to highly trained and concentrated meditators. Most people will never see them even with a meditation practice. It takes specialized training, such as that provided by Pa Auk Sayadaw and the few teachers he has trained. But it is vital to see them to discern mind (citta) and matter, also called consciousness and materiality. Will a camera like the Phantom Flex one day be able to reach the speed and sophistication to prove the Buddha's teachings on physics empirically? Probably not. But while it tries, it is possible for a purified and well trained mind to see ultimate reality, discern it, and be freed from the illusion that composite things are either permanent (from one moment to the next), able to satisfy, or in any way personal (part of an abiding "self" we cling to as our own).

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