Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Britney Spears' Out of Body Experience (video)

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Britney Spears, while sitting in the front row of the VMAs on Sunday in Los Angeles, had her life-in-music flash before her. Note the shamanistic "mushroom" theme.* Spears was then groped on stage by "Jo Calderone" (aka Lady Gaga), who tried to kiss her. America's sweetheart, the fizzling pop diva, whose latest album is actually her best seller, is getting a boost after years of drugs, ill-advised marriages, and manufactured drama galore. Nun rumors, head shaving, Kevin Federline, it is amazing the world has still not had enough of Brit-Brit. Her beauty, fame, and longevity are no accident. Not only do they make money for many behind the scenes who then protect and promote her public image, but her past life wholesome karma (the Four Bases of Popularity) supports her experience, even as she exhausts her store of merit to no future advantage.
Britney accepts more accolades on stage with manly Lady Gaga (Reuters/dailymail.co.uk)
  • What wholesome actions (kusala karma) is considered the bases of popularity? Generosity, hospitality, kind speech, and impartiality. These are mentioned, but not elaborated, most famously in the Buddha's "Advice to Householders" (Sigalovada Sutra, DN 31).
*Blonde shamans, like the Scandinavian Sami, depend on mushrooms for visions (BBC).

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