Thursday, August 25, 2011

Death from Above Comes from Below (HAARP)

Wisdom Quarterly (COSMOLOGY)
(Tru TV) Gov. Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" show investigates HAARP (high-frequency active auroral research program) for war, weather manipulation, earthquakes, tsunamis, and "mind control." See full-length episode below.

The Judeo-Christian "God" (who sounds like a Zoroastrian asura, or titan, more than a benevolent creator of the cosmos) may not be to blame for earthquakes. But it seems some extraterrestrial titans (called "demons" in later Buddhist cosmology because of their ongoing war against devas from their new home base Earth) might well have provided the advanced technology to humans.

Such technology -- first channeled to Nikola Tesla, as he himself reported, from an extraterrestrial residing on Mars. (He himself is accused of being an ET from Venus, perhaps to mock his claim that he was literally receiving messages from Mars).

In any case, he was a great genius. And all of his work was preserved and has been developed and used in secret, while Alexander Graham Bell and others get all the credit. This technology includes "free energy" machines used by the shadow US government as well as the world government (as led by Germany and Britain), but that is another story altogether. HAARP is an array of antennae several nations possess and use to manipulate weather and wage war in secret, calling its effects "natural disasters." A synonymous phrase for a "natural disaster" is an "act of God."

"God" (Brahma, Ahura Mazda, Allah, YHWH, El, and the many "gods" of the so-called monotheistic Judeo-Christian Bible, Old and New Testaments) here never really means The GOD (Brahman, the ineffable, the reality behind the illusion, the famous "I am that I am").

It refers more to a Greek demigods/Roman pantheon/Indian devas understanding of advanced extraterrestrials who visit, mate with, experiment on, evolve (genetically manipulate), educate, and rule through divine rite of hybrid humans. These "gods" (akasha devas, nagas, and asuras) and their messenger "angels" (gandharvas) might indeed "punish" and preserve, help and harm humanity.

One would not think that Buddhism or older Vedic Brahmanism (now surviving under the general name "Hinduism") supports Zoroastrian, Egyptian, Sumerian, and Judeo-Christian mythologies -- but it does. Fortunately, it gives much fuller and sensible explanations for what many other traditions have wrought into fragments and nonsense filler.

(Tru TV) Full-length "Conspiracy Theory" show investigating H.A.A.R.P.

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