Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ask [for UFOs] and It Is Given (video)

Interpreted and translated from broken English by Wisdom Quarterly

() On Monday, Aug. 29, 2011 (20.54 European time, Holland, Netherlands, I took my digital-camera to my balcony. (I already sensed something was near.) I searched the sky, and there on the left and right I saw two very bright lights. So I started recording right away.

After a while my camera was full and stopped recording. Then I saw the one on the right go to the left one, going over that light and slowly disappearing. The one on the left stayed there showing me colors. I was looking at that one, but after a while I looked away very quickly toward my camera, only for a second. [It seemed to know I had looked away because] when I looked back, it disappeared too.

I knew I had caught them on camera. I am now emptying my camera so that maybe tonight I will look and see if I can catch them again. Thanking them in advance [cultivating gratitude in advance], I hope they will appear for a third time and show themselves to me. Because the way I got them to appear in the first place was by asking them yesterday in front of my window. That is how they appeared.

[That is also how Dr. Stephen Greer of the disclosureproject.org claims he gets numerous extraterrestrial crafts and unidentified lights to appear in city skies to be filmed. They apparently possess technology or the natural organic ability to sense beyond the five senses. This would be in line with Sakka's pledge to monitor the moral-ethical state of humankind on a biweekly basis, according to Buddhist legend and Burmese lore.]

I am very thankful and again feel blessed. Namaste, Galactic Federation!

  • HYPERSPACE LANGUAGE: It should also be remembered that extraterrestrial communication involves the use of color, tone, and "archetype" (geometric shape in color that emanates from the mind-pattern and DNA), as detailed by Stewart Swerdlow. Many witnesses, contactees, and abductees have reported this phenomena. In this video, the twin lights appear to be pulsating out a message that may be understood at some deeper level or universally across species and races.
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  • Conversations with Dr. Greer (WPN) "Disclosure 10 Years Later, Part 2." Dr. Loder and Dr. Bravo continue their discussion about the Disclosure Project. The 2001 Nat'l Press Club conference impacted individuals the world over. Since then many countries have declassified information. More
  • VIDEO: Witnesses report UFO in Changchun
  • Multiple witnesses in Changchun, China saw a single UFO on August 27, 2011. The UFO was described as "very bright and large." The unidentified flying object moved slowly in the sky for a staggering two hours before disappearing from sight. Officials have not commented on the identity of the object.

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