Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Japan Tsunami-Quake caused by HAARP

() Many events were predicted beforehand. Not only was the alien invasion movie "Battle for Los Angeles" was released on the same day as the Japanese tsunami. Moreover, channel and contactee Alex Collier revealed it in 1995! There were strange clouds above Japan prior to the earthquake. There was a weird water vortex sucking ships in the harbor. US corporate designed nuclear reactors were compromised. And long before that a hidden group threatened Japan's government with the possibility of this "natural" disaster if it did not cooperate monetarily and geopolitically. It was told to give over control of its monetary system, but it refused. And the shadowy group (CIA or some such) followed through on their threats making Japan the example (for the second time, Nagasaki and Hiroshima being the first to world governments what the US military is both capable of developing in secret and deploying on a massive scale. Hugo Chavez revealed what the US (new world) government did in Haiti and plans for Iran. He was thanked personally.

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